In the today’s world, security is an important aspect of any place. Due to more thefts and scams, there is a need of security systems that needs to be installed at different places. If you want to protect your residential and commercial purposes, you have to select the best one security systems for your homes and commercial places. As we know that this is a world of modern technology, there are so many advancements take place in every field of technology. First, you have to understand all the important aspects of different types of security camera systems in order to protect your homes. Different types of cheapest security systems for homes are mentioned below:


  1. Netgear’s VueZone: One of the most popular and effective home security systems is Netgear’s Vuezone. It consists of two cameras in it. Between these two cameras, one of them is a night vision and wireless camera that helps you to see in the night. You can be able to install this in a very easy way. You have to connect this device to your laptops, Smartphones, PC’s or tablets in order to keep an eye on your home activities. Video streaming can be seen from any of the Android or IOS devices. You can be able to record footage or take snapshots to your mobile phone device directly.
  2. D-Link: D-Link is one of the popular home security systems that are available for you. These cameras are available with two cameras that is wireless in nature named as cloud camera. One of them is 1050 and other one is 1150. Both the cameras are compatible with WiFi connectivity. The setup for WiFi protected offers a simple process of installation in only three steps. It is based upon the technology of h. 264 video compression that provides you video storage amount five times by taking the least amount of network bandwidth.
  3. Belkin’s NetCam: Belkin’s NetCam is another security camera systems that are available for homes. It has WiFi connectivity and having a night vision camera that help people to see in the darkness. It provides you high definition resolution of 720p. It has the ability to connect WiFi router directly without the requirement of a PC or laptop. You just have to download and install this webcam application on your mobile phone device that gives you a wide range of video clarity that is captured with this camera.
  4. Samsung SmartCam: Samsung SmartCam provides recording of video at high resolution. These cameras can be able to record videos even in the darkness as these are having no visible infrared type of LED’s. There is no manual configuration for setup is required to install this. These cameras require only a single step installation procedure with the help of a push button.

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