This social media optimization technique using Facebook will teach you to improve your page reviews. Through this article you would be able to learn how to work with Facebook Pages. Social media optimization is one of the best tools to attract the targeted traffic to your website. There are lots of ways to socially optimize your website but we will discuss here as to how you can use Facebook to implement social media optimization. Currently there are over 175 million users visiting the Facebook per

There are lots of opportunities for the webmasters that they can easily implement on their website through the Facebook nice features. Let you think the Facebook pages as your portal and place in Facebook where users with accounts can visit interact with your website’s content, like it, and even visit your site to check for more details. This article is all about Facebook pages and how webmasters should use them for the social media optimization.

Create a Facebook Page

You need to create a Facebook page for your website. Majority of the websites still don’t have a Facebook page. You should not be worried if you are a new comer to this industry because you won’t be having any fans or audience or likes on your site. This is usual but as long as you are writing quality content and exposing it properly, your traffic will automatically increase.

Page Selection

Page selection is highly recommended to avoid future mistakes and problems on the part of your Facebook fans. You are required to follow some steps to properly select the type of Facebook page you will be creating.

  • For business purposes websites you need to establish reputation and identity with the rest of your colleagues, friends and relatives and even your audience or visitors on Facebook you need to select “Institution, Organization or Company”.SOCIAL Media Optimization

Selecting this method has an advantage that you can list your own company or business directly in your Facebook profile. This is very easy process, you simply have to log into your Facebook account, then clicking “Profile”. Click “Edit Profile” then go to “Education and Work”. You can then list your company under “Employer”.  Your friends would have an easy access to your profile link, when they click this link the visitor will land on your Facebook page.

  • If you create a website for a public figure or an artist, then select “Artist or Public Figure”. This page will allow the users and artist or band to upload music, etc. you will not find this feature in other types of Facebook Pages.
  • You can select “Cause or Community” for non- profit websites created for charity and community.
  • For the majority of the websites- whether for profit or content based only-“Company, organization or institution” is the most recommended type of page.

The post updates are very important for social media optimization? If you feel that your website is attracting a number of Facebook fans and followers, your post updates will appear in the news feeds. In a particular website with only naturally acquired fans and publishing 15 pieces of content per month, the Facebook referral traffic to the website is 86 per month. If content publishing is same and Facebook fans grow ten times to 350, then the traffic could lead to 700 visitors per month.

Use legitimate and natural way of attracting the customers and Facebook fans, because quite a number of the fans are not real people; the most important thing is referral traffic in social media optimization, not the number of fans.

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