There might be obvious differences between the setting, layout and work methods of a virtual office space and a physical office in Miami. Despite these differences, the underlying ethical code of conduct remains the same. Similar rules of ethics apply to a shared virtual space as to a shared physical office.

Understanding The Importance Of Security In Your Shared Workspace

I have compiled a list of common shared workspace ethics that every businessperson should incorporate in their work behavior:

Shared Physical Office Space and Data Security

Do you remember the good ol’ days when confidential information was stored in folders and file cabinets? Every office had a wall devoted to file cabinets, most of which were kept locked, depending upon the nature of documents stored.

Thanks to advancements in technology, maintaining numerous file cabinets is a thing of the past. Now, offices have their confidential information saved in their systems. This does not in any way signify that the stored data is safe from theft or mishandling. Data stored in your system can be accessed or exposed by any person who has the necessary hacking skills to do so. Even if it is not a hacker, who will cause you these problems, the failure of your hardware or inefficiency of your service provider could lead to important data loss.

A good thing to do is enforcing encryption on all your important data. In fact, your internet connection, no matter what kind it is ( WiFi, LAN, etc.) should be secured. There have been instances where network printers were found responsible for major data theft. Now, the tougher you make security for your potential hacker, you would also be making it equally difficult for yourself to handle. Sad, but true! Let’s take an example, setting your system at the highest levels of virus security also means bombardment of multiple alert messages on you at all times. This will not only annoy you, but will also break your concentration and workflow. Not to forget the many websites you wouldn’t be able to visit.

It is crucial to set a startup password for your system. Your system holds highly confidential official information that could be misused by someone else. If you do not want to lose out on the confidentiality of such crucial information, it is best to set a startup and a screen saver password on your system. You could also make use of computers that are equipped with fingerprint-security to ensure your data’s safety.

Shared Virtual Office Space and Data Security

Virtual office space in Miami too, is prone to data misuse and thefts. There are set frameworks for sharing the server space on the cloud. These storage spaces are managed by private organizations, who have their set of regulations pre-molded according to the laws of the state they reside in. The best way to avoid any cloud-related problems is -by encrypting all your information before you even transfer it to the cloud. This will ensure that no one ( except the designated receiver) can handle the stored data. Most cloud service providers have their encryption services. Also, secure internet network is an absolute must!

Sharing is a Double-edged Sword

In today’s highly technology-dependant work environment, is unavoidable. Take a look at any technology service provider’s advertisement, and you will know what I mean. From social networking sites to high-end technology service providers like IBM, everybody is talking about making sharing easier and more effective.

I completely agree that sharing is necessary, but it is equally necessary to maintain effective ethics and security frameworks while dealing with official information. In simple words, treat the gateway to your virtual space, just as you would do with your home’s front door!