Compensation is granted to workers on various grounds. Some of these grounds are medical expense reimbursement due to injury at workplace, medical care, reimbursement of rehabilitation expenses, continuation of salary due to disability or death etc.

Many times, it has been observed that the employers deprive workers from these benefits or does not inform workers, about the benefits for which they are eligible. San Diego is a place where you can find experienced and qualified attorney that deals with all the cases related to compensation between employer and worker.

If such problems or disputes are arising between employee and worker for not granting compensation, then San Diego workers compensation attorney fight strongly to help workers get the destined compensation based on the compensation rules specified by that state. In this article we will see the types of compensation benefits available for workers.

Types Of Benefits Availed Through Workers' Compensation

Medical Compensation

Medical benefits are payable to the worker if he has got injured or ill. These benefits include medical and hospital expenses that identifies and help in the treatment of the injury or illness.

Medical expense would include reimbursement of visit to doctor, medication, equipment such as wheelchair etc., surgeries, services such as counseling, pain relief therapy, acupuncture etc. If one faces any troubles in getting covered for these expenses, then they may get an attorney’s assistance.

Rehabilitation Compensation

In any case, when a worker needs to be admitted in rehabilitation centers, then he is eligible for rehabilitation benefits. Such benefits would include medical care, therapeutic care, and training to regain the abilities to return to work etc. required recovering from injury or illness.

Disability Compensation

Disability benefits helps people who have got injured or ill due to which they are incapable of performing any work. Such workers lose their wages, which results in financial issues. In case of total disability, partial disability, temporary disability or permanent disability workers would be compensated for the loss.

In total disability, a person has become medically disabled for the entire life and can’t work throughout the life. Partial disability is the one wherein a person has become partially impaired for limited time and would be back to work once recovered. The compensation one gets is based on the amount of the earning prior to getting injured or ill.

Mostly it is two-thirds of the wages. Also, one is not required to pay income tax on this compensation amount.


Death benefits are payable to the dependents who had family relation to the deceased worker such as child, parent, siblings etc. This benefit is often payable as a percentage of the earnings of the deceased worker. It is paid as a lump sum amount to the worker family upon showing valid proof of the death of the worker.

Incidences such as injuries, illness, disability or death can create a lot of disturbance in the life of the victim and his dependent family members. That is when compensation comes as a savior for you and your dependents.