When it comes to marketing and selling a product there are so many different factors to take into account such as the price that you will sell the product for, the place where you will be selling it (i.e. online or in a store) and of course the function of the product, does it actually do what it’s supposed to?

Of course they are all important aspects to take into consideration but arguably the single most important thing to consider is the label that goes on to the product as this is the first thing that potential customers will see and after all, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

How many times have you been in a store and bought something because it ‘stood out’? The chances are you could have bought a better alternative but the label on that item was far less eye catching.

Similarly if all of the products in a store were in clear plastic bags do you think you would still make the same choices?

Product Marketing With Custom Printed Labels

Custom Printed Labels are key

Take the 2 pictures of raspberry jam above as an example. The one on the left is extremely basic with nothing eye catching about it whatsoever. Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with it as it tells you exactly what the product is and that’s the most important thing with a label but it’s just not very appealing.

The raspberry jam on the picture to the right is an excellent example of a custom printed label. There’s an attractive font, images and various colours which make it stand out. If these 2 products were on a shelf in your local store then there is no doubt which one you would choose yet the jam on the left may taste 100 times better.

This is just one simple example of why product marketing with custom printed labels is essential to your business.

Be Consistent With Your Branding

Notice how the jam on the left hand side has no indication of who has made it. Now of course this may just be something that has been made by an individual in their spare time with no eye towards business so fair enough.

However, let’s assume that the person who has created the jam has built a website and is looking to make a living selling their homemade jams through their website.

Finding that website would be almost impossible based on their product label, whereas a quick Google search of Duerr’s leaves you one click away from their website on which they have their company logo which is instantly recognisable as being the same one from the jam jar.

As was mentioned before, the jam on the left may taste much better than the jam on the right but without a custom printed label it’s just another product that would struggle to sell.

Make sure you maximise your product marketing with custom printed labels!

Tammy Wiltshire works for the leading UK manufacturers of custom printed labels, Labelnet. Based in Ongar, Essex, Labelnet design and manufacture high quality branded labels, stickers and packaging.