When it comes to using the internet for video streaming, speed is important. When vendors focus on UX, performance, design and utility value, speed takes a backseat. This is where content delivery network (CDN) solutions prove their versatility. Open-source projects and a faster method of working around CDNs certainly make it a secure way to streaming clips. The truth is that without speed accountability, CDN solutions are also skewed. To save costs and time, both CDN and video streaming need to be handled with care.

The Truth About CDN and Video Streaming Speed Accountability

CDN Services are Popular

 When it comes to websites or wordpress CDN services are popular. Take for example, Google fiber which allows the use of nearly 1 Gbps per second to download. Who will not use it? It saves time and the cost of the bandwidth also is taken care. This is how heavy files are able to criss-cross their way through the digital platform. Think of Dropbox and Google Drive which fetches millions of files for users in all time zones. Downloading requires speed and it is this quality that makes a service unique.

Start with Free Trials

 One gnawing truth is that few people like to pay to use services when they are freely available. So, avail free CDN services. This will at least give you an idea how it can be potentially useful for various projects. Once, you have seen its results, go in for trial and then for a premium account. Using exclusive services will make it secure and safer. It will protect data, pictures, and all videos.

Today, video streaming is one of the most popular ways to communicate with the employees internally and also with the outside world. Whether it is a slide presentation to a client or an internal meeting-video clips are mandatory. Taking help of professional vendors to create videos is another step in the right direction.

Free Services

 There are many data centers that have sprouted across the world. If you need a protective service for website or wordpress (update plugin) then try CloudFlare. The service is free and is being used worldwide. Another global CDN is Incapsula. You can get application delivery from its remote site. It will provide security, DdoS protection, and will take care of Load Balancing and Failover. The service does not take long to activate. Photon is yet another vendor service which is used for wordpress. It can improve the images in a big way.

Video Streaming Speed is Controlled by CDNs

 While it is quicker to get files of any format downloaded or uploaded, the real challenge for CDNs lies in video streaming. Quicker processing is required and this is what makes a service provider popular. It is a good method to save on the bandwidth of company’s server. Using cloud service is affordable and cost effective in the long run. enterprise video services clips have come to stay in many project presentations. Getting storage space for it is equally important. Cloud storage solutions have a 14-day trial period to check out. Ask your vendor for other solutions.

Other CDN Services with Bandwidth

Some of the big names include EdgeCast, Highwinds, Internap, TinyCD, MetaCDN, and CDN77. Some companies may still be running or have shut shop. But if they are offering trials go ahead and check them out. It pays to have a proper CDN service and that is the truth of the matter.