In order to master the skill of basketball sport, the players need to improve through hard work and dedication. It is not something that is inherent or inbuilt. To improve the basketball, shooting the foul shots should be the priority of any diligent player. When the opponent is off guard, the foul shot is taken. This consists of co-ordination of rapid hand and foot work.

Bruce Hillyer is a huge admirer of NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball team, particularly his home team, the Penn Quakers. Since his childhood days he has the passion for this sport. He also loves watching the National Basketball Association or NBA finals and says that it is hard to lose out on the fun and enthusiasm of the game.

The Simple Ball-Handler Skills That You Should Develop

By watching his favorite players in the basketball court he has mastered a few skills that are quite important in this sport:

  • In order to improve quickness and ball-control, perform around-the-body drills. The ball should be moved in a sphere around the waist and head, both legs and through both legs. Start out in a slow pace, and then gradually speed up. This can be done by using the stop watch or the timer.
  • When practicing on dribbling, ensure to hit the ball as solid as possible. Challenge your fingers and hands to get quicker and stronger with the ball. Grip the basketball with the pads of your fingers and hands, but do not use your palm to hit it. Frail ball-handlers are fragile and pathetic with the dribble while outstanding ball-handlers are solid with the dribble.
  • A drill that can assist this transition and improve your capability to dribble under duress is known as the Side-Rider drill. With a defensive player at your side you can start on the baseline. The objective of the defender is to actually push you to the sideline. This means that while you are dribbling, the defender is aimed at fouling you. On offense, your aim is to dribble directly at complete speed in order to score. Make sure to perform this drill with both hands.
  • When practicing on alteration of direction drills, ensure to have pace with your actions. A rigid player with machinelike movements cannot be steadily effective off the dribble. The players who are the finest off the dribble have pace. It is vital that when working on both moving and stationary drills, you shake your body to the pace of the dribble. One needs to be athletic and smooth while still pounding the ball.

Implementing these simple tips will put you well on your way to make the most of your potential as a ball-handler.

At present, Bruce Hillyer is studying as a third year architecture student in the University of Pennsylvania. His objective in life is to design the future sports ground of the school. He has chosen to study architecture as integrating design with science and mathematics is comparatively difficult, and he loves being challenged.