When women workout for their bodies, then they for sure turn into the perfect physical specimens ever possible on mother Earth. Just a gorgeous body and striking looks are not all that counts but they definitely stand out from the lot.I have jotted down some names in the sports sector who have cashed many compliments for their killing gorgeousness. These beauties took my breath away! Let’s see if you agree with me. You can Watch Images of All Hot Actress at Muthimar.com 

1. Allison Stokke

she is the perfect example for beauty with brains. She is a high-flying athlete who is also gifted with dazzling and charming looks. She is ‘Flawless’ and no one in the whole world can deny this!

The Most Beautiful Women In Sports

Non stop training and exhausting dedication for her physique has made this beauty the number one in the gorgeous ladies list!

Her waist is worth giving a thousand looks! I’m just *awestruck* !

2. Antonija Misura

This Croatia beauty is well known for her stunning sports basketball. Heads are guaranteed to turn in her direction when she is on the field.

The Most Beautiful Women In Sports

And this just not because of her outstanding play but also for her sizzling beauty and fully toned figure.

3. Maria Sharapova

She is an impressing tennis player with incredible strength, endurance and focus for victory. And this is not it!

The Most Beautiful Women In Sports

She looks attractive and stunning both on and off-court! She has a style statement of her own. A charismatic personality who is beautiful from inside out! She is truly a natural beauty!

4. Christina Vukicevic

She is worth adding to the list of most gorgeous sportswomen. Apart from solid looks, toned figure, marvelous style statement, she just rocks being the hurdler. She has won many European competitions.

The Most Beautiful Women In Sports

She makes all the guys wonder that she is the one-and-only for them!

5. Leryn Franco

This stunning athlete didn’t just spread her charm and charisma in sports, she is also an active participant in many beauty pageants as well!

The Most Beautiful Women In Sports

Her stunning looks and breathtaking smile will surely win your heart. she is also one of the most googled athletes in the world. Now you can make a guess about how famous she is!

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6.Roxy Louw

This Cape Town babe and Oakley model is a surfing icon. She is multi talented from surfing to modelling, from acting to a show stopper. She is good at almost everything!

The Most Beautiful Women In Sports