Poker is a world renowned game with familiarity and popularity at casinos, indoor sports, night clubs and other recreational sites. Moreover over the time, poker has found its own place online. There are so many online poker game sites that may be visited to play poker with other online gamers. There are different poker games that give ample choice to the players. Stud poker, draw poker, community card poker are a few variants of poker that are swooning people towards them. The trend of online poker games has left the people at the comfort of their homes and play poker without any problems of going to casinos or night club where they have to go with the crowd and wait for their turn. Rather, sitting on the sofa they may play poker at the free time. Stud poker is a most popular game that is played both online and offline. Stud poker is an interesting version of poker that involves multiple betting rounds with a group of players.

At the start of the game the players receive cards of both face down and face up cards and the game continues with betting in every round. Stud poker is a game where the players get to bet first only when they have the best hand with respect to their face up cards, unless they do not get the lead in the game. Stud poker games may be unlimited or pot limited. The limit may be fixed so that the structure and the number of the rounds of the game might be determined. For example a 4 betting round game may be well structured and be limitless or pot limit play. As the betting rounds increases the game becomes more structured and suitable for limit plans that may be fixed or spread. The game rules vary from country to country and casinos. Sometimes the higher betting round games involve higher limits than the others; this is because of the fact that as the betting rounds increases the limits also get higher.

In other variants if any 2 players together show up with a pair of upcards it becomes an open pair and the larger bets may be played in the second round. During the game the betting rounds are given the name based on the number of cards the players hold when the round begins. Say for example if the players have 6 cards each then the betting round is termed as sixth card. The final round is called as a river or an end irrespective of the number of cards the players have. There are different stud pokers based on the game play. They may be 5 card stud or 7 card stud. There are also sub variants of stud pokers such as alligator stud or Zanetti stud. Some other forms of stud poker are Razz and London Lowball, 8 or better high low stud, high low stud, Mississippi stud, Mexican stud, Caribbean stud, cowpie poker, number nine, baseball and many more.