Google Ranking:

Google Search Engine page ranking is how you manage your page and how much Important to Google Search it is, how Google ranks the page has always been a question and Google never answers it!

Page Rank:

It is algorithm for analyzing of links and is named after Larry Page. The Algorithm is used for measuring of importance of Hyperlink Documents and by using logarithmic scale they are assigned numbers, on Google search results they will be displayed in numbering they were assigned. PageRanking process is based on first classification of websites (.com or .gov or .us holding Highest Importance) and then assuming that Web Surfer will Eventually Click the Website, the assumption holds 0.5 or 50% probability of getting Website clicked and the sites having links to Highly Important Websites gets high ranking and others less.


Increase the Rank:

The Techniques Assumed to boost Google Search Page Ranking includes writing of unique content, Management of links, Usage of different keywords and introduction of Guest blogging to your Web Site/Page.

When It Increases 2013:

Google never told us the date they will be recheck the rankings so in order to Increase the page rank in 2013, one must start working now. The most important and pre-planned thing done to increase the page rank by 10 percent (assumed) is usage of (.com) for Website.

Writing of Unique Content:

Including Unique Content to your website not only helps you in boosting page ranking but also in Acquiring of more visitors because everyone looks for content which is new and unique, so first step should be Writing of Unique Content for page ranking.

Management of Links:

As described earlier the page with high links to Highly Important websites acquires more attention then page without links. It should be kept in mind that Links should be taken from High Priority Website otherwise it will be waste of time for example The addition of Wikipedia Link to haribo Article is better than Adding link from haribo website as Wikipedia holds more importance than Gummy bears but addition of Microsoft’s Exam Schedule and Wikipedia’s Article for MCSA will help increase the Page ranking by 30 percent (Assumed).

Usage of Keywords:

In any Writing specially web-based writing Keywords hold important position and it can be game changer when it comes to page ranking, as they say Google always looks for website with more but unique content and their naming, words repetition and their placement. One must know how to put Keywords and their Management as Article’s Title, its subheadings and repetition of words in Web site/page needs to be done correctly and if possible the reviewing of same keywords to Google search to gain better Keyword Knowledge is essential for Boosting of rankings in Google Search.

Guest Blogging:

It is a technique introduced by SEO’s to increase Page ranking and it is done as addition of blog links to website or in some cases inviting of Bloggers to one’s Website and writing blogs to website Might increases the page ranking as if-its-bigger-it-must-be-important rule is applied.


Providing of RSS Feeds to your page will help you increase ratings of your webpage.


Adding of Multilanguage to the site, helps increasing of number of visitors and also Advancement of Webpage Ratings.

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