In today’s article i want to share an experience which happened with me regarding Blogging. I started a Blog in hope of part time revenue but the big problem was how to get visitor attracted to the sites daily. It was averaging with daily 25 visitors but for me it is not better than zero.


1. Not to Focus on everything at One Time One Work Only

Any successful blogger with his successful site contains the following rules

  • Unique Content

  • Interacting or communicating with others through social media or commenting on blog

  • Increasing Trafficking

  • Getting revenue from the blog.

These are the necessary rules for getting a successful blogger. But what will have if we not obey it the answer is simple your blog will not stand in the market for longer time. Don’t stick to one thing because blog get times to publish in the internet. Remember always in starting all the things are hard but as you get interested in it will not be difficult for you. Till than you have to create content on latest and unique thing and create a friendly environment with readers.

2. Lack in Content Writing Skills

It is not important for starting a blog you must be copywriter or your mother tongue should be English. The main thing you have to learn is how to write articles from point of view audience. While writing article or blog give your 100% best and always stick to write better than first article. The one way to write great content is to first understand the reader and explain them in easily standard manner so they can easily understand. Always write your blog or post in friendly tone manner like ‘hi’ or by saying ‘whatsupp’ to the reader.

How to write content for the targeted audience.

  • Always do deep research on matter which are you going to write

  • Write from the audience point of view

  • Use bullet point or sub headings for essential point

3. Don’t give up too Early

It is not a scheme like to get a rich in overnight. It is like impossible to make your blog successful in overnight. Always update yourselves regarding your blog so that you can notice any result happening or not and if not than change tour strategies to increase your blog goodwill. It takes time to become a successful blog but don’t lose your hope. I mean to say that don’t give up too early. Every operation requires time to get accomplish it.

4.  Fear of Learning

If you want to start a new blog or you have existing one than you should know at least the basic thing of the blog like how internet works, what is Blog, Who is Blogger. To start the blog you have to find out the answer of such question than only you can become a successful blogger

You will not become a Successful Blogger if

  • You don’t know how to install essential requirement of the blog like plug in

  • You don’t know how to design the web page or a theme.

  • You don’t know how to use internet.

  • You are too afraid for experimenting new thing.

  • Without these basic things you can’t start your own blog page. To start a new blog you must necessary learn these things like HTML, CSS, etc