The overall productivity of a warehouse will have a major impact on how a business runs. If the warehouse processes items longer than expected, then it means it has a low productivity. There are some tips that can be used to efficiently improve warehouse productivity.

Bottleneck Removal

In a distribution center or warehouse, all processes have an impact on productivity. If a facility fails to run optimally in one area, it can disrupt the whole supply chain. This in turn can cost the business owners a substantial loss in profit. For this reason, warehouse owners have to be continuously on the lookout for disruptions such as bottlenecks. Once they are found, fixes should be created to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Bottlenecks can happen in a number of ways. However, they are essentially a blockage or interruption of the distribution process of a warehouse. A shrewd business individual has to identify their facility’s bottlenecks. They should then take the necessary steps to eliminate these slow downs. When bottlenecks are effectively removed, the warehouse’s bottom lines and productivity should improve.

Effective Tips To Increase Warehouse Productivity


Workers in a warehouse need sufficient light. If they cannot see, then their efficiency will be negatively affected. Additionally, the propensity for accidents will rise. Warehouse owners should implement overhead lighting solutions that will offer sufficient light for the warehouse’s labels that communicate a product’s position, inventory and traffic. Energy efficient LED lights are a good lighting investment option. They are not only durable, but they consume very little energy making them a cost-effective solution.

Continuous Improvement

Always aim for continuous improvement. With the consistent change in warehouse technology and customer requirements, distribution centers should always aim for greater efficiency. For a company to achieve this, they will need to optimize any possible areas of improvement like responding to fluctuations in demand, increasing inventory accuracy, picking technique and reducing time to complete shipments.

Update Storage Gear

Any warehouse manager or supervisor knows the storage location of product will influence how it will move throughout the supply chain. This is the reason why goods have to be organized with storage gear that caters to the size, weight and shape of the products. Furthermore, the employees have to be informed on the storage unit that is used for each item in order to prevent overloading and possible product damages or injuries to workers.

Order Picking Technique Optimization

The speed and accuracy of a warehouse’s picking process has a significant effect on how well customers are satisfied with their orders. Since there are so many techniques to try, it would be prudent for a warehouse manager to train employees on techniques that are most compatible with the layout of their facility. The technique should also be compatible with the types of orders the company receives.

Other Strategies

The warehouse should be fitted with up to date and efficient structural products. For instance, the warehouse can be fitted with Z – Beam shelving, Catwalk Systems and so on. These items should be considered during the design of the warehouse. However, they can also be installed to improve the warehouse’s productivity. Proper consultation have to be done between the warehouse owners and providers of the structures. A building contractor may be required for additional input. Using these strategies, warehouse efficiency is guaranteed to improve.

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