If you know people who were in a fraternity or sorority, you likely heard many great stories. The media also does a good job of showing all the fun and craziness involved in the Greek life. But sororities aren’t all fun and games, and as with anything you do in life, there are pros and cons associated with joining a frat. Make sure you weigh the good and the bad to see if it’s a lifestyle you wouldn’t mind taking up while in college.

Pros and Cons Of Going Greek In College

PRO: Grow Your Circle of Friends

It can be really hard getting to know new people in college. Most are reserved and not open to starting conversations with people they don’t know. Aside from your roommates, getting to know people around campus is awkward, if not downright impossible. This is one of the reasons why people decide to join a sorority or fraternity. You’re placed inside of a home with 70 other people who you spend lots of time with. Many of them will become like sisters and brothers to you, making college a home away from home.

CON: It Can Get Expensive

There are different dues and fees you have to cough up each month, so be prepared to dish out cash monthly. Then throw on top of that the events, clothes and other items you’ll buy to maintain your swag. Some people spend over $3,000 annually on mandatory and optional purchases.

PRO: An Opportunity to Lead

Leadership skills is an important asset in the real world. No matter where you decide to work after college, you’ll find yourself leading others in projects. Being in a sorority gives you a chance to practice these skills by getting involved in philanthropy, social gatherings and recruitment. It’s a fun way to learn how to plan events and nurture relationships.

CON: It is Time-Consuming

Being in a fraternity requires a lot of your time, with all of the meetings and events you’ll have to attend. Some occasions will be optional, while others are a must-attend. Make sure you balance out your schedule to ensure you’re getting in enough time to study and do homework. There should always be a balance between your school and social life.

CON: Lots of Rules and Requirements

Some fraternities and sororities have a lot of rules and requirements you have to abide by. For instance, there are specific study hours and attendance policies. Anyone who is free spirited won’t like the strict rules in place at most sororities.

PRO: Plenty of Connections to Make

Networking is very important during your college years. You get to meet a lot of different people inside and outside of school when you join a fraternity. These acquaintances can potentially grow into beneficial relationships in the future.

PRO: Luxury Living in a Sorority House

Colleges that have a prominent fraternity culture will likely have a mansion-like house for everyone to sleep in. A lot of students like this living arrangement. It makes living with 50 other people more enjoyable.

It’s up to you to determine if the pros outweigh the cons for sorority living. If you’re attending Villanova’s online tax llm, then you won’t have this dilemma to worry about!