When clicking sound starts coming from hard disk drive, this indicates that hard drive is facing some problem. This only happens when power fluctuate while you are working on the computer. This shows that your hard disk is physically damaged.

Some of the hard disks give message when such sounds start coming that some error has reached. Such kinds of troubles are faced by many factors but most common which becomes the primary cause for its failures are given below.

Hard disk head smashed:
Hard disk magnetic plates are used to store the data on the disk and head on the hard disk supports in reading and writing of the data. When head finds any scratches on the magnetic plates; sound is produced when head revolves on the plate to that specific sector for reading or writing data. This needs to be taken care of immediately because if you start fixing the damage then it may result in further disk damage. Immediately shutdown your system and call any recovery experts for consultation. Data stored in hard disk is very sensitive it should be examined and recover in clean room labs.

Bad sectors of the Hard disk:
Bad sectors of the hard disk are areas on the tracks of magnetic plates which get corrupted due to any reason. When head try to read data from these sectors, its all attempts go in vain. Sound heard during the reading of that corrupted sectors which indicates that some of the sectors are failed and damaged.
If hard disk is very old and its condition seems to be very bad; best tip to stream line it again is to scan the whole disk for bad sectors. Scanning process will help in identification of all the damaged or corrupted areas and it will not let hard disk to write any thing on those sectors again.

Damaged Circuitry of Hard disk:
Other than the above two major reasons, additional grounds can be cause of failure of some internal components of the hard disk. It can be out of order spindle; loose head of hard disk, wrong placement of head and any disconnected connection of internal circuitry.
This is always seen that after clicking sound of your hard disk it freezes or stop working any more. Best solution to fix the damage is to take your hard disk to any famous hard disk data recovery company.

Lesser space of storage:
If stored data on hard disk cross the storage limit of hard disk then hard disk uses the technique of virtual memory paging to do the task which are left to process. Such kind of tasks increases the processing of the hard disk and raises it to exhausted state.
In order to overcome over this problem some extra space should be added, for this purpose RAM and extra hard disk is the best solution.