You should never forgo financial help if you are involved in an accident and are struggling financially. Solicitors are available that can be matched with you in connection with your personal injury. Personal injuries can arise from such incidents as a car accident, work mishap or slip, or a fall. As long as the accident occurred within the past three years and was not your fault, you are entitled to seek a financial remedy. Choose a lawyer who will take your case as a 100% ‘no-win, no-fee’ agreement.

Retaining Legal Services

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help Lessen The Burden Of Financial Hardship

The solicitor with whom you partner should also be a member-in-standing of the Law Society and a personal injury specialist. Acquiring a lawyer with this type of background will assist you in getting the best representation possible.

In order to file a claim, you will need to provide a detailed account of the accident, including the date on which it happened. You are allowed, by law, to submit a claim as long as the accident happened within the last three years. If the mishap happened over three years ago, you are not legally entitled to make a claim.

Supporting Documentation

However, if you meet the established time criteria and were not at fault when your accident happened, you can meet with UK claim lawyers or a personal injury solicitor to discuss your case. The basis for your claim will be your medical examination and treatments. Therefore, you need to gather this data before you set up a meeting time.

How Compensation Is Categorised

Compensation for personal injury cases is classified under general damages (which covers medically-related and accident expenses) and special damages (which covers a patient’s wages and benefits). Both of these damages are normally added into the overall settlement. The estimated amount in general damages can be assessed by reviewing the report made by your medical doctor.

That is why a personal injury lawyer will advise that an accident victim report his or her accident to the police and obtain medical treatment immediately. The more documentation you compile, the easier it is to consider the amount of damages that should be assessed.

Stages for Preparation of a Claim

Three main stages are undertaken in order to prepare for a personal injury case.

Firstly, you need to gather the facts for your claim. Usually a PI lawyer will ask the claimant to fill out some questionnaires and follow up with an interview to clarify the client’s instructions and ascertain basic facts.

The second stage involves collecting the evidence that is required to support the facts. This part of the process normally includes interviewing witnesses, obtaining medical records, preparing statements, and reviewing police records. Medical consultants and other experts are also used as expert witnesses.

The final stage involves either working towards a settlement or pursuing a claim to a hearing. The claimant may exchange the relevant evidence with the opponent, or a series of exchanges will be made under different evidentiary categories. However the process proceeds, these steps are required to initiate a claim and make sure that the supporting documentation is solid and helpful to the case.