Are you planning to take your family member to a medical facility in another location through air ambulance? Well, in such case, you need to make sure that the airplane has all the required medical facilities, and also it is comfortable for the patient as well as you, since you should take care of yourself and the patient during the travel.

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Read the tips mentioned below to get an idea on few things before hiring an air ambulance.

  1. Medical Equipments

The aircraft ambulances are specially designed to transport medical patients. Talk to your service provider and make sure that the staffs are provided with the medical equipments required for the patient (like ECG, ventilator, medications etc).

The air ambulance should be well-equipped with the medical facilities that can offer best care for the patients. The technology used in the aircraft depends largely on the air ambulance service provider that you have chosen. It is advisable to choose those providers that have features to monitor the condition of the patient, even while boarding or getting out of the plane.

  1. Comfort

Check if the air ambulance has a mattress of at least two inches thick for the patient to travel comfortably. It should have adjustable knee lifts to prevent patient from sliding off the mattress or stretcher. It also should offer good comfort and relief to the patient.

  1. Mechanical system to get patient in and out of the plane

Getting a patient in and out of the plane is quite a tough task. Many air ambulance providers have unique mechanical system to handle such situation. This system alleviates stress and makes the process easy.

  1. Sitting Position

Do not sit with your legs crossed for a long time. This might hinder the blood circulation to your lower extremities and result in numbness. So, sit relaxed and comfortable during the travel.

  1. Food

Ask your service provider if you can carry food and drinks or whether they would provide you with snacks and drinks. It is important to maintain appropriate sugar and hydration level during the flight.

  1. Temperature control

Temperature during travel might be very cold or very hot. Hence, dress yourself in the right way to maintain your body temperature. Carry enough clothes to keep yourself warm.

  1. Avoid sinus

Take adequate amount of vitamin C and decongestant before the flight. Vitamin C will strengthen your immune system and keep cold and sinus away. Microbes in the airplane might cause congestion and respiratory illnesses, so boosting your immune system is the best way to avoid the problem.

Airborne Critical Care Unit

Most often, patients feel stressed and are anxious about air ambulance. So, ask the service provider if they have a critical care unit onboard. Air ambulance Belize takes care of the patient both physically as well as emotionally. They reduce patient’s stress by using unique methods on board.

Remember to follow the advice given by the crew and the physician to avoid complications. Just follow the tips given above to keep the patient comfortable during the travel.