Keeping your home environment healthy makes life less stressful. Dealing with ill spouses, pets and children is taxing on busy moms. When visiting home and garden trade shows, look for a show booth design that has tips and hacks to make your home environment healthy.

Use Organic Cleaning Products

Chemical-based cleaning products can cause irritation, rashes or illness. The irritants in chemicals can be rather harsh, and in some cases, requires a trip to the doctor for medication. Organic cleaning products can be purchased at local grocery stores or you can make your own. A simple mixture of water, white vinegar and orange oil is an all-natural cleaner that also leaves your home smelling fresh.

Keep Hazardous Chemicals Out of Reach

To prevent accidental ingestion, keep any chemicals that you have out of the reach of children and pets in your home. You should also keep the closet or cupboard for these products locked at all times. Even when you are watching your children well, they can still sneak off and get into chemicals.

Keep Windows Locked

If you have a multi-story home, keep the windows in your children’s bedrooms and all other rooms they access on that floor locked. Screens can come off easily and children can fall out of the windows. This can lead to a significant injury, permanent injury or even death. Keeping your children safe from falls is also a means of keeping the home environment healthy.

Motion-Detected Hallway Lighting

Trekking through the house in the dark is dangerous in itself. Consider plugging motion-detected night lights along hallways for temporary lighting as you walk through in the dark. This is ideal for families with children that get up during the night to use the bathroom. It is also a good aid for adults with stability issues to help prevent an injury.

There are design options to match every décor style when it comes to night lights. Some have technology built-in that turns the lights on when the lighting gets too dim and requires no actual attention until it needs to have a bulb replaced.

Annual Duct Cleaning

Allergens are hard to battle. Regular vacuuming, sweeping and mopping does help. Along with having an annual duct cleaning performed, routinely wash window treatments, bedding and throw rugs. Your carpets should be steam cleaned at least every 3 months. Pet dander, dust and other particles can cause an allergy flare up. Allergies can be miserable, but are not contagious.

Keeping your home environment healthy and safe may require a bit more of your time but it is worth it. When your family is healthy, more activities outdoors can be taken advantage of and there are less missed days of work or school. Many of these tips are very inexpensive or are easy to install. To help keep the home clean and allergen free, create a chore chart and include every member of the family, including the parents. Assign each family member a task daily and reward the children for completing their weekly chores to keep them interested in helping out.