If you are a non-Italian or not related to the Italian cuisine, then the biggest challenge you will face is in making the Italian Pizza or the Italian espresso, which is world renowned for its taste and aroma. The real Italian coffee with its authentically delicious taste and it’s pure aroma can be made either in a moka cup, which is a three chambered aluminium pot or the espresso machine (for home or commercial purposes) , whichever one may prefer. But whichever way you choose, you must never compromise with the quality. And hence, you should never use counterfeited products. Also, choose a quality coffee, and prefer mainly Italian brands which come with the original Italian taste for which many people have fallen in love with. There are multiple steps which you should follow to make real Italian coffee at home using the moka pot and those are mentioned below.

Things You Need to Make Italian Coffee

  • Firstly, you need to have a traditional Italian Moka pot which will ensure that you make the best product.
  • Besides the pot, you will need good finely ground coffee blend for Moka pot. Always remember to buy the famous Italian brands and never compromise with the other brands which claim to give the same taste.
  • The traditional brands are the only ones which will guarantee you the best of taste combined with the great aroma which you have no chance to find anywhere else.
  • You will also require good quality water. Prefer bottled water as hard water does not suit well for the Italian coffee.

Steps to Make Real Italian Coffee

  • Firstly, to begin with, you need to Take the boiler and fill it up with water until the water level is right below the little safety valve. Insert the filler into the boiler just after that. You will need to fill it up with finely ground coffee, creating a little mountain on it. Please ensure that you fill to at least 1/3rd the height of the filter. Do not press it thereafter. Just leave it that way without interfering with anything in the way. Besides this, there is one more way to do this. You can fill it up with finely ground coffee. After that, just press it with the back of a teaspoon and with a toothpick make 5 holes in the pressed coffee.
  • After you are done with the first step, you need to screw the upper part of the Moka pot tightly onto the base. After that, put this upper part on a kitchen burner. Put it on a low heat and then allow the water to rise slowly between the coffee powder, therefore releasing better its aroma. Keep in mind that if the heat is high, then your coffee will come out too early, and probably it will then have a burned taste.
  • Thirdly, when you hear the characteristically gurgling noise, then you need to open and keep the lid of the Moka pot up. This is done to prevent that the condensed vapour to go back to the ground coffee and therefore change its flavour. Note that when the hazel brown foam appears and a second before the coffee comes out completely, you have to take the Moka pot away from the burner. Before you pour the coffee to espresso cups, you need to take a teaspoon and stir a little bit. This is done to equalize the different coffee layers.

So your Italian Coffee is ready and you must note down that the experts say that coffee should be drunk bitter, to taste its intensity and aroma in a better way, only if you can stand it though.To achieve a perfect coffee with your Moka pot you have to use the same pot several times, so it’s normal that the first 10-20 coffee are not so special. But the Italians have coffee three times a day, which means it should not take you more than a week to make coffee for around 10-20 times and after that you will definitely reach to the coffee which will taste like perfect Italian one.

Final Words

You also need to ensure that you clean, wash and hence maintain the moka pot perfectly. The moka pot plays a critical role in the taste of the coffee and its proper maintenance plays a key role in preparing an outstanding Italian coffee. Hence by following the above mentioned easy steps, you can make yourself a completely pure and aromatic Italian coffee.