With the vivid technological advancements and smartphones making their way into the world, it’s hard to grasp your attention in TV. People wants more to get it done within the shortest time possible. That’s why it’s really hard to watch TVs now-a-days. But, you can’t stop your hobbies right away. So, what are your alternatives? If you’re looking for a way to watch TV channels in your smartphones, then this article is perfectly for you. We’ve gathered some TV apps that can bring the real television experience in your smartphones. Let’s discuss more about them.


BBC Player

If you consider yourself a news-freak and you can’t live a single day without visiting the top stories from BBC, then this is the perfect app for you. This app has been designed in such way so that it fulfills the news hunger within the smartphone world. With this app, you’ll never miss any news. But, the best thing is if you miss any news, you can still search for it and get it. It’s pretty similar to the PC version and it requires a working internet connection.

VEVO Videos

This app goes by its name. Firstly, it was intended to be usable on the iPads and iOS devices, but later it entered the Android market with a blast. You can watch thousands of music and music videos all over the world. This app had a long startup problem but now, it’s crystal clear. You can easily find and watch the latest music videos, share them with a single click. These are the major advantages of using this app. It has the largest music video network in internet and you can watch every single one of them. It’s that easy.


Your TV experience might change when you start to use Sky+. It has the most amazing functions which you’ve not seen earlier. You can see all of your Sky TV channels as well as record them remotely. You can also record an entire TV series to watch it later on. With the search options, you can search for your favorite TV serials or movies. It’s one of the most popular TV apps in the app market. The most amazing thing about this app is the quality of the videos and images is beyond your imagination. Now, the latest Sky HD+ is there on the market with HD videos supported.

Cracle – for Movies and TV

If you want to turn your Android smartphone into a frigging TV set, then this app might work the best as it offers plenty of movies and TV channels. You can watch them for free. It has a large database from which you can search and watch your favorite TV serials, movies, channels etc. It’s updated every day and it provides high quality videos. If you’re looking for any new TV series on your smartphone for watching free, then go for this app.

We hope you got thrilled by our list and we’ll update them when we get newer apps. In the meantime, you can let us know about your favorite apps.