If you’re looking for your next pair of gloves to fend off the cold weather, you might be weighed down with options. There are many different types of gloves, which can be used for different activities and climates, but it’s unusual to find one that is suitable for almost anything. If you’re looking for a durable yet soft glove, fleece could be the way forward.

Fleece Gloves Experience The Utmost Comfort In Cold Situations

Benefits of fleece

Fleece is the chosen material of lots of big name, outdoor brands who understand how flexible it can be. There are a whole host of benefits of choosing fleece over other materials. Whilst cotton is breathable and soft, it has a tendency to retain moisture, which is a big drawback, especially for gloves. Leather can be long lasting and stylish, but it can feel stiff and not as comfortable as other materials. A fleece glove ensures that you keep that simple and tasteful appearance, without compromising on comfort.

With fleece, you don’t have to worry about the material showing signs of wear. It is extremely hard wearing and won’t bobble or fray, so your gloves will be left looking new for longer than most other types of glove. It is also very easy to care for, especially when outdoors. It can easily be wiped down, or even washed with water from a stream to remove any dirt, and because it dries quickly, it means you won’t be left with cold hands for long. It’s the perfect material for adrenaline junkies, hikers, or even those who prefer to keep warm when walking their dog. It’s universal and is easily used to warm up young children, the elderly or anyone who understands the need for comfort.

Features to keep you warm

Many types of fleece glove are specifically designed to keep the cold out, more so than gloves made from other materials. They often incorporate an open gauntlet cuff, which fits over the top of jackets and coats to prevent the cold finding its way in through the gaps. Some also have an elasticated wrist, to ensure that you won’t feel any draughts when out and about.

Many fleece gloves are made with Thinsulate, which is a clever material that is excellent at keeping you warm. The fibres in Thinsulate are much more compact than other materials, which provides a high level of comfort, whilst also ensuring that it is breathable. It is used in outdoor clothing to help provide warmth and comfort to those wearing it, and makes for a great addition to gloves. Even with this, you’re sure to be surprised at the cost, with fleece gloves generally retailing at a much lower price that those made from other materials.

If you choose fleece gloves, you will not only be keeping warm, you will also be choosing a pair that is lightweight, durable, and very affordable. They can be bought for anyone, young or old, and will be perfect for keeping the cold weather at bay.