When couples get married, the last thing they expect is to file for divorce at some point in their relationship. However, according to statistics half of all marriages end in divorce. When the time comes to file for divorce, couples usually have two choices for how the situation gets resolved. They can either hire an attorney experienced in divorce law, which is often recommended, or they can choose to file on their own and be a solo act when the case goes to court. Whichever method is chosen, divorce is an issue that should by no means be taken lightly by either party.

Hiring a Divorce Attorney

For most couples going through a divorce, it is highly recommended they each hire an attorney who is experienced in dealing with divorce cases. Because most couples have children, real estate, and other property that needs to be settled upon as to who gets custody of the children and how possessions will be divided up, much negotiating must take place in order to assure the best interests of everyone involved are met to their satisfaction. For couples wanting to use the services of an attorney, one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so is by contacting professional law corporations that offer divorce packages based on what will need to be accomplished, such as child custody or property division. For couples in such states as California, these packages can cost as little as $625 and provide low flat rates, confidential consultations, meticulous processing of all paperwork and much more. As couples everywhere want to get the divorce process over with as quickly as possible, these packages are quickly gaining popularity.

Filing for Divorce Yourself

Pro Se litigation, which can be used if a person cannot afford an attorney or if a couple can reach an agreement on child custody and property division on their own, is another option when filing for divorce. While certainly a much cheaper way to obtain a divorce, it is also one that is very risky. Deciding on how to divide up marital assets, settle on child custody and spousal support payment options, and other issues can be challenging at best when using this option. One of the biggest issues people have when not using an attorney is being able to keep their emotions in check, which often leads to poor decisions being made. If one spouse knows how to get the other one easily upset, the agreements reached may not be the best for everyone involved. For those who choose this route, most forms that will be needed can be found online, and court clerks are available to answer questions and guide people through the process to some extent.

Know the Law

Whatever decision is made, it’s a good idea to know the law as it pertains to your case. Sitting through a few divorce cases in family court will allow you to understand the procedures involved, letting you be more informed regarding your own case. Even if divorce is ultimately the decision both spouses agree upon, most experts recommend not making a hasty decision. Attempting to work through problems can often produce good results, but even if divorce is the final solution, at least both people will know they did everything possible to salvage the relationship.

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