Why do brand name products cost so much? Does it really cost anymore to make designer shoes than regular shoes? No. The problem lies with the middlemen. Once everyone takes their share, the price has to be outrageous in order for their to be a profit. Some businesses said enough was enough and have created their own ecommerce brands that are luxury brands with a much smaller price. The following takes a closer look at how ecommerce brands are attempting to cut costs for consumers.

How Are Ecommerce Businesses Cutting Prices?

During the recession a number of manufacturers saw a huge decline in the number of products needed in the Untied States. This encouraged them to open their doors to small businesses that wanted to create designer products on a smaller scale. These businesses went straight to the manufacturer so that they could then sell the items straight to the consumer, cutting out all the middlemen. The result was items that had the same quality as designer brands, but a much lower cost. An example, is Warby Parker who began selling designer glasses that rivaled those that cost $700 per pair. By going straight to the manufacturer, the company was able to sell their glasses for only $95. That’s a huge savings for consumers.

Is This Good for the Consumer?

YES! Not only is this an amazing way to save money on quality, designer products, but these ecommerce brands have the ability to be more creative. Instead of waiting months for a design to be approved, some businesses are coming out with new products every couple weeks. This means that you can find the latest trends that are based on what’s popular online the week after it starts to become trendy. This is huge news for fashionistas and anyone who wants the latest and greatest products.

What About the Businesses?

There is one drawback for businesses. People are a bit leery of brands they’ve never heard of and question whether or not a product that costs much less than other brands could be quality. However, ecommerce brands have got that covered by being able to use social media to help spread the word of their brands. In other words, it may take time for these brands to catch on, but when they do, bigger brands are going to have to watch out.

Businesses starting their own ecommerce brands are well ahead of the curve and you don’t have to be cut out of the loop, either. Just visit this site to find information on building your own site. By cutting out the middlemen, they’re able to save consumers over 75% off what designer brands cost and you can do it, too. It may take time for these brands to become popular, but once they do, these businesses are going to do extremely well.