The process of drug detoxification is the critical first step towards freedom from addiction.  This is where the body is purged of toxins which have accumulated in the system because of excessive drug use.  Drug rehabilitation facilities that cater specially to men who are suffering from addiction may provide any or all of the following drug detox programs:

5 Drug Detox Programs For Men

  • Natural Detox Program

Compared to other drug detox programs, natural detox is the simplest of all considering that it just involves completely halting the intake of abused drug all at once instead of gradually reducing the intake over a period.  The severity of symptoms depends largely on how heavily and long the patient has been using.  This means that the more serious the dependency is, the more serious the withdrawal symptoms would be.  Natural detox helps the patient to completely free his system of the abused drug within as short as a few days to a couple of weeks.

  • Medical Detox Program

Unlike natural detox which is on a short-term basis, a medical detox program can last for several months and even years to complete the process.  Since this kind of detox is often carried out as an outpatient program, the patient can continue his regular routine and responsibilities while at the same time receive treatment in a drug rehab facility of his choice.

  • Outpatient Detox Program

A lot of drug detox centers offer outpatient detox programs.  Patients live at their own home and just visit the detox facility for treatment at scheduled time.  This kind of detox program usually involves long-term maintenance of methadone or suboxone.  Since the patient needs to take medication during the process, it is critical that he regularly meets with his doctor to ensure correct dosage intake.  This regular and continuous consultation with professionals is particularly important after some time when the dosage is considerably reduced and eventually terminated.  

  • Inpatient Detox Program

This type of detox program provides round-the-clock monitoring of patients, which is why the drug addict needs to stay inside the detox facility during the entire duration of the detoxification process.  This kind of detox program is on top in terms of the level of care and supervision given to the recovering addict.  Inpatient detox is best suited for patients who are heavily dependent on drugs for a long time considering that they will most likely suffer from dangerous withdrawal symptoms.  

  • Holistic Drug Detox Program

Drug detox centers for men that offer this kind of detox program believe that the best way to cleanse the body of toxins caused by abusing drugs and other substances is by ensuring that no other toxins enter the body.  Unlike other detox programs wherein the recovering addict takes some form of medication to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, holistic detox is completely reliant on natural substances and organic foods as well as fresh water in purging the body of unwanted toxins.  Apart from eating healthy, this kind of detox program also includes exercise, plenty of rest, meditation, and other psychotherapeutic support.  

The kind of detox program that is best for a patient is dependent on several factors such as the kind of abused substance, the presence of any medical condition that can intensify the symptoms of withdrawal, and the existence of other mental disorders, among others.  Given the same, it is best for patients to seek professional advice in weighing the pros and cons of each detox program and eventually selecting the most suitable program given his circumstances.