You can easily sell gold; however, the chances are higher that you may not get the best value of your gold. This is the reason; this post intends to help you figure out how to get the best price for your gold with the help of 3 simple steps. 

In the event that you intend to sell your gold, you possibly will be feeling uncertain. The market is huge, and there’s a colossal range of spots prepared to hand over money for your gold. 

While some dealers will offer you a better than average price for your gold, however, on the other hand, there’s an equivalent number who possibly will take advantage of the fact that you are not aware of the actual worth of your gold, and you are in urgent need of cash. 

Let’s Dig Deep to Find Out the Best Value of Your Gold. 

Figure Out the Actual Value of Your Gold in The Present Market

In the event that you are not sure the sort of gold you have, this could be complicated. There is a certain way to measure the gold, which is in Karats. The maximum purity level is 24 Karats (close to 100% (99.6% or above). 

On the other hand, fifty percent purity level falls under the category of 12 Karats. Being aware of the number of ‘karats’ of your gold will essentially help you with regards to figuring out the worth of your gold.

In the event that you are not aware of the purity level, you can get it measured from any of your neighborhood jewelry shops. In most of the cases, local jewelers possibly will offer you a good value of your gold. Though the recommended way is not to decide on just first attempt, in this case, at least three assessments for your gold is a good idea. 

Get A Couple of Different Assessments 

The most ideal approach is to get the highest value for your gold, and in this case, various assessments could be useful to settle on the best one. Some outlets will possibly not give a great return, and you wouldn’t figure it out without another assessment.

Therefore, in this case, the recommended way is to get at least three assessments from different places and see what they offer. Even better, combine the sort of organizations or stores you get in touch.

Don’t Hesitant to Bargain 

Most of the individuals like a decent deal, so they possibly will like to offer a value for your gold that requires bargain. At the point when merchants come up with a value, the recommended way is to check whether they’ll add a few dollars more. As per the fact, more cash is great cash, so give it a try. They possibly will refuse, yet there’s nothing wrong to give it a try!

The post intends to help you get the best value for your gold by sharing above three simple steps to figure it out. Moreover, you can read on to find out the four simple tests intended to check the purity of gold. 


4 Simple Tests to Determine Whether the Gold Is Real

In the event that you are not certain whether your gold jewelry is made of genuine gold, in this case, with the help of a few DIY techniques, you can attempt to discover the purity of your materials. Despite the fact, not every one of these techniques is splendidly conclusive; however, they will enable you to get an idea without paying the high expenses of an expert jeweler’s service.

Magnet Test

As per the fact that gold does not attract to a magnet. However, a significant number of different metals frequently utilized in gold plating or fake gold do attract to magnet. In the event that you can feel the attractive power pulling your jewelry near the magnet, at that point it isn’t genuine gold.

Sight Test 

In this case, you can begin searching for an official stamp representing the karat number. Most of the cases, you can locate this stamp within the band of your gold jewelry. You need to be aware of the fact that anything lower nine karat doesn’t come under the category of genuine gold. 

Due to wear and tear, older jewelry possibly will not have a noticeable stamp. In this case, one more simple visual check is to just search for discoloration. In the event that the gold is wearing off and uncovering another material under, at that point, your gold jewelry is just gold plated, and you cannot consider it genuine gold.

Balance Test 

In order to carry out this test, a balance tool, along with a piece of genuine gold jewelry of almost a similar size. Gold is particularly substantial and thick metal, so in the event that two pieces of about the same size weight a similar amount and you are sure that one is genuine gold.

Chemical Test

You can check the gold purity through chemical, nitric acid and this way; you can make sure whether your gold jewelry is made of genuine gold dependent on the reaction or non-reaction. At the point nitric acid meets with genuine gold, no chemical reaction takes place. On the contrary, nitric acid reacts with other regular metals, for example, copper, sterling silver, and zinc. 

In any case, light greenish color is visible as a reaction; at that point, your gold jewelry isn’t made of genuine gold. Most of the experts make use of this technique; however, you can also acquire a test kit at your nearby store. You need to make sure to read the instructions and take care of the necessary safety procedures. 

These simple alternative DIY techniques can be utilized to settle on a decision whether your gold jewelry is made of genuine gold. Despite the fact they are not 100% dependable, however, this way, you can skip the high cost of professionals. Nonetheless, in the event that you need to be sure, you can take your gold jewelry to your neighborhood reliable jeweler shop.

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