Standing Out in a Crowded Property Market: Choosing the Right Estate Agent Window Display

It is nigh on impossible to take a walk down any UK high street these days without stumbling across an estate agent – or ten. From small independent operations, to large chains and franchised brands, the competition to buy and sell property has never been so intense. But in a market where property availability and prices are continuously in the headlines, what types of window displays can estate agents deploy to lure potential customers off the pavement and into their offices?

Most people planning to buy a new property these days start their search on the internet in a bid to gauge prices and availability in their chosen area. However because of intense competition, particularly on the lower rungs of the property ladder, the next step for buyers has to be getting in touch with an estate agent in a bricks and mortar office. At this point the estate agent window displays can have a huge impact and can, indeed, be the difference between winning and losing a customer.

Estate Agent Window Displays

There are different options that agencies can choose from when planning their window displays, and personal preference, available space, lighting, access and budget are some of the considerations that should be taken into account. Here we’ll take a look at some of the most common estate agent window displays and features currently available.

Cable Displays:

Cable displays are extremely popular with estate agents because they are very versatile and kits can be purchased for different configurations including wall mounted, floor to ceiling, wall to wall, floor to wall and freestanding units.

The flexibility offered by cable displays means that property details can be advertised effectively in shop windows of almost any shape or size. The displays are also durable and cost effective, as the cables are made from hard wearing galvanised steel and the kits usually come in at a lower price point than bulkier display options.

Aesthetically cable displays are favoured because they result in a fresh and uncluttered look, allowing passers by to focus on the most important thing – the properties being advertised – without being distracted by the display structure.

LED Light Pockets:

This type of display is rapidly growing in popularity as they allow estate agents to showcase the property they have on their books day and night. These are also a good choice for the environmentally aware organisation because they have low energy consumption with a lamp life of up to 60,000 hours (nearly 7 years!).

Once again, there is a choice of configurations to suit most needs, including single or multi panels, wall mounted or suspended, and tabletop or floor standing units. Pocket sizes also come in a variety of paper sizes such as A3, A4 and poster, and there is also a choice of displaying the media in portrait or landscape mode.

Digital Display Units:

This ultra modern window display option allows estate agents to add movement to their windows and thereby stand out from the competition. Using digital displays means that windows are kept dynamic and current with the freedom to change content according to the organisation’s needs. Content can also be scheduled over the internet and controlled remotely.

Digital display units lend themselves perfectly to the kind of immersive features customers have come to expect in this internet and digital age, including 3D floor plans, virtual tours and street view, and are certain to become a more common sight on our high streets in the future.

Floor-Standing Display Units

Favoured for their portability and ease of maintenance, floor-standing displays are a solid and reliable choice for many estate agents. Simple yet effective, these units can be rearranged at will to ensure they give the best view at any given time.

The most popular floor-standing units are angled slightly to allow passers by to view the property details comfortably, and are supported by single or double support poles.

So whether you’re just starting out as an estate agent, or you’re an existing company wondering how to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other agencies, seeking advice about right window display should be right at the top of your priority list.