CCTV CamerasThese days, security of an office or company has become the primary concern among the entrepreneurs as well as big business tycoons. This is certainly because of a sudden increase in the rate of theft and misuse of information. In order to catch hold of these crimes, technology has blessed the industries with several methods. Of all, CCTV security devices have gained much more significance in the modern world. Currently used for investigation and catching criminal actions, these devices act as a team of security guards for keeping an eye on whomever enters into their detecting area for recording their movements in that space range.

These cameras record a video footage that can act as a proof in legally prosecuting the offenders who usually perform crimes such as leaking out business secrets and robbing money. They do not only help in catching the wrongdoings along with their doers, but also help in monitoring the employees’ work in different areas of the company. This traces ‘who is doing what and how’, which is enough for spotting loyal and unreliable employees. Due to the CCTV camera’smultipurpose portfolio, a business owner is easily aided in ensuring the smooth execution of her or his operations. Here are some widely used CCTV cameras incompanies!

Infrared Day/Night Cameras

These technology devices are utilized for high alert security zones where observation must happen 24×7, such as parking lots, financial departments, and warehouses. During the day, these gadgets operate like a normal camera featuring normal colors. However, at night, they transform themselves to adapt to low black and white mode. At night when the level of visibility reduces in absence of external lights, the infrared LEDs present in these cameras automatically get illuminated to ensure 100% security.They are available in dome, weatherproof bullet, and armor dome designs.

Dome Cameras

As the name suggests, these devices are kept within a dark dome so that they are unnoticed by the passers. Regarded as the most famous style of cameras, they are available in compact design for a subtleappearance. This means that the offender will never come to know that there is somebody watching her or him. The best part of these cameras is that they can be also tilted or rotated with hands. Such cameras are used in those areas where lots of people are present or tend to pass, for example, corridorsand cubicles of offices.

Vandal Proof Cameras

These are outdoor security cameras that are covered with solid material as well as by a break-proof glass that does not interfere with the video streaming quality. Because these devices are tough to break; they qualify to be an ideal choice for high security. Even if the thief tends to see them, he just cannot break them. Admirably, these CCTV cameras are also fog and rain resistant and can be mounted on walls or ceilings.


Being compact in size, these cameras are ideal for covert monitoring. Also known as spy cameras, they havevery tiny lenses and are typically enclosed in another device that never appears to be a camera. Motion detectors, wall clocks, and smoke detectorsare common dwellings for such security cameras. You will be able to find a few hidden cameraswith built-in microphones or recorders that records and broadcasts at once.

Bullet Cameras

Positioned within a bullet shaped shelter, these cameras are often used in commercial places. This is because they have a strategic and weatherproof design, small size, and illuminate viewing facility that works even in darkness.

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

These devices facilitate one to zoom and view in different directions as well as to change its settings for automatic rotation in different fields of vision. They are the most complicated camera style with large dome design featuring computerized internals that allow camera controlfrom the DVR or via a remote controller.

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