Server Technology, a Reno, Nevada-based provider of power distribution units and power management products for leading enterprise data centers, service providers and branch office locations, announced it has recently installed 24 solar panels on the roof of its headquarters in the southeast Reno.

Company officials view this development as “yet another step in Server Technology’s (News – Alert) “Green Team Plan” to become increasingly more environmentally friendly.”

“Every day we help our customers achieve their green initiatives with our products and solutions. It’s about time we did this for ourselves-on a bigger level,” said Brandon Ewing, president of Server Technology, in a statement.

Server Technology has also installed energy-efficient T-8 lighting throughout the building. Other facilities installed include low-flow toilets, sensored faucets and hand dryers as well as videoconferencing equipment to reduce travel needs.

The company has mandated Energy Star equipment for all computer and equipment purchases, according to officials at Server Technologies.

“It just makes so much sense,” said Ewing. “It’s the right thing to do for the environment and for us as a company. Our employees are always coming up with more ideas on how we can be greener.”

The company has always been thinking “green.” Back in 2000 when the company designed its building, it took advantage of natural light and energy efficiencies including xeriscaping. “We’re committed to determining new ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint,” said Ewing.

As part of its Green Team Plan, the company currently recycles 14,000 pounds of paper every year and 1500 pounds of aluminum, plastic and glass. Server Technologies also expects to generate an increasing amount of its power from the new solar panels.

For over 25 years, Server Technology has been offering innovative, intelligent power distribution, remote power monitoring and power management and measurement solutions to customers.

In another related development, Server Technology announced the launch of a new high density “Smart Power Monitor” for adding intelligent power monitoring to any existing server cabinet using 50 or 60 Amps — with data center power management in mind.

According to company officials, the new Smart Power Monitor will meet the demands of data managers who are looking to retrofit their data centers quickly, with little to no downtime.