VIN DecoderThe role of an Auto VIN decoder is to solve out the exclusive alphanumeric sequence called the Vehicle Identification Number. Every vehicle has its own 17-digit VIN code and it forms to the identification number or finger print of the car, used to generate a Vehicle Historical Report. Let’s find out the meaning of VIN codes in a vehicle.

Note- The Letters “I”, “O”, “Q” are not used in any VIN numbers.

  • For instance we use the VIN code 2FTRX181XCA01212.

    The first digit displays the manufacturing country. It can be a letter or number. Some of them are:

Y- Sweden, Finland, W- Germany, K-Korea, J-Japan, 1,2 and 3 are USA, Canada and Mexico respectively.

  • The 2nd and 3rd digit displays the make.

Like V- Volkswagen, T- Toyota, F- Ford, B- Dodge, J- Jeep, N- Nissan, G is for General Motors.

  • The 4th digit represents the restraint system type.

Like R means Hydraulic breaks

  • The 5th 6th and 7th digit represent the vehicle line, its series as well as body type. It is different for different models and makes.
  • The 8th digit is its engine

Like W is a sign of 4.6l v-8 engine

  • The 10th digit showcases the year of the car manufacture. While B represents 1981 model, 5 is the sign of a 2005 model vehicle.
  • The 11th digit represents the assembly plant

For instance, C signifies Ontario, Canada

  • The digits 12- 17 indicate the unique fingerprint of the vehicle. These 6 digit make every vehicle different from one another.