Crimes result in punishments and penalties, that’s what we all know. But what most of the people don’t know is, the kind and intensity of punishment a criminal deserves. There are several different types of crimes and their rightful punishments or penalties also differ according to the nature of crime. For example, a first degree of second degree murder may result in death penalty or life-time imprisonment, but manslaughter has unconditional life-time imprisonment. It is the responsibility of the criminal defense lawyer to provide all valid evidences to prove the nature of crime, whether it was an accident or an action backed by intentions.

Brief Introduction Of Criminal Law Punishments

Suppose you’re held captive for a murder and face a trial. You are going to need a defence attorney to prove your innocence. You ought to hire defense attorney with shear knowledge, intelligence and experience who could guide you through each and every step. You need to get the best Calgary criminal law firm, such as Gracia Law Firm that would defend you mush better than an ordinary defense attorney in town.

He will tell you the possible solutions and expected outcomes of your case, and prepare you for the worst. Here are some major criminal punishments:

What Types of Punishment You Could Get

If the suspect is found guilty, the court issues a sentence according to the crime. There are different types of criminal sentences. In this post we are discussing major punishments as consequences of different types of crimes:

1. Fines: Fines are issued by the law against misdemeanors (crimes of minor nature). For example, Traffic violations or Shoplifting, or any law you broke on the road. The amount of fine is partly based on the state law, and partly on the discretion of sentencing judge

2. Probation: This punishment is issues in lieu of jail time. If a person committing a crime is abide by certain rules, such as he or she would not commit other crimes, then the court may issue him probation for the entire period that would have been spent in jail. If the criminal violates probation, the court may reverse its decision and send him to jail.

3. Jail (Prison time or Imprisonment): For serious crimes, the guilty person is sent to jail or imprisonment. Most felony offenses, if proved, result in imprisonment. In some places, there are certain misdemeanors that are also punishable by jail for less than a year. For example DUI charges

4. Alternative Sentence: These sentences mean different things. In general, these punishments do not include jail time. Alternative sentences are generally imposed on people charged with misdemeanors. For example, if a person is found guilty of DUI, the court may sentence him to perform certain community services, as well as attending alcohol and drugs rehabilitation program.

Finally: In all of the above mentioned sentences, Calgary criminal defense lawyer plays a vital role to minimize the severity of sentence so that his client may suffer the least. This is why it is very important to hire best defense lawyer.