A proper networking is very important for any office or company. There must be a proper connection between each individual to maintain and manage all the tasks of the office. From supervising the projects to attending clients, there must be a proper channel of communication. PBX networking is very helpful to maintain such communication. It is wireless and helps the employees to contact anyone sitting from their desk. This type of networking is very time saving and also the increases the productivity.

Applications of PBX

Almost every organization or company uses the wireless PBX system today.

  • In the manufacturing places and plants, use of wireless PBX networking can be very helpful. The supervisors can handle all the important calls while inspecting or supervising.
  • In the retail sector also, there can be an easy and fast connection between customers and the store managers. There is no longer need of using those noisy paging machines.
  • In the hotels also, the event staff can contact the guests and respond on time.
  • PBX has also been a boon in the security department as they need a quick and proper communication.
  • PBX system has also been used in the government offices.

System Components of PBX

  • The Adjunct Switch: CPU and control logic are the part of adjunct. It manages the outgoing calls and incoming calls between the base stations. In case there is a power failure, there is also an additional battery attached to it. We can also add additional adjuncts as per our need.
  • Base Stations: the base stations are mounted up on the ceiling that is equipped by antenna. They help receive the calls between adjunct unit and portable telephones.
  • Telephone handset: The portable phone attached to the PBX system has a unique identification number that is registered to the adjunct unit. This way only the authorized users can access this network. In this system the user can even switch the call and start the conversation.

Distribution Hubs and Frequency Bands

When your workplace or factory is too big, distribution band is installed to manage the communications for remote locations. Mostly these networks are not easily accessible and out of range. With the installation of distribution hub, multiple calls can be handled through more channels. These distribution units are connected to adjunct with the help of optical or twisted wire.

There is a variety of frequency bands on which the PBX works. There must be an approval for the installation of the PBX system and keeping in mind that the frequency bands cover the area of the company and doesn’t interfere with the surrounding area’s wireless services. Mostly the PBX system’s frequency bands are spaced enough to make a proper and fluent connection.

PBX networking has been very useful in the advancement of the industrial sector. It provides a better and faster communication between each and every individual of the company. If you don’t have a PBX at you workplace, you must not wait more to install it.