There are many people who get entangled in personal injury cases. This segment of the law calls for an attorney who is caring, compassionate and understanding. Personal injury cases have a huge mental and physical toll on the victim and his/her family. It is the prime responsibility and duty of the personal injury attorney to safeguard the interests and rights of the client. In short, the personal injury lawyer should be with the client at every step of the case more like a companion rather than a friend.

In Rhode Island, there is one professional attorney who is known for her profound knowledge of personal injury law and compassionate approach to her clients. Her name is Ann Sheeley and she practices in Portsmouth in Rhode Island. Ann is the founder of the highly renowned law firm in Newport called Sheeley Law.

Ann has the objective of making a positive difference in the lives of her clients. In the event of clients who are victims of wrongful cases, she helps them to rebuild their lives. Her law firm Sheeley Law ensures that victims get the justice they deserve.  She and her team of passionate and dedicated lawyers ensure the victims are able to get the best possible verdict and legal compensation for the wrongful act done to them. Ann and her team deals with motor vehicle accidents, benefits relating to workman’s compensation and more.

Clients that have approached the firm for their litigation suits state that the professionals are very supportive and kind. They are compassionate and understand the mental trauma people go through when they are entangled in a personal injury case. It is unfortunate that many families break down completely as there is a loss of income and work entailed. When it comes to filing cases, the attorneys at Sheeley Law undertake everything right from the filing of documents to the verdict. Ann Sheeley herself is actively involved in the cases and she is a major source of motivation and strength to the families who are entangled in personal injury litigations in Rhode Island.

There are many people who are not sure of their rights when it comes to personal injury cases. Ann and her team of professional attorneys undertake the onus of explaining to these clients what they are to expect from a case. She also gives them support when it comes to filing a case in a court of law. Free consultations are given by her eminent team of attorneys. She ensures that clients get the trust, strength and mental motivation to pursue the case fearlessly. She is a constant pillar of support and this is the reason why she is widely sought after in the region today!

Sheelay Law also gives clients the benefits of compensation on contingency. This means you will pay the fees of the attorney only after the lawyers of the firm help you obtain the compensation. When it comes to other legal case fees like criminal offence and more, the charges are very reasonable.