Many people knock on our door with a big frown on their face. The reason? The hair products they chose to make their hair like they always wanted them to be has failed miserably!

If you have been facing the same issue, know that the hair product itself or your unruly hair may not be at fault, the way a product is applied to your hair can make all the difference in the world to your hair!

While applying your hair product the right way is not rocket science, there surely is some science behind it to get the desired outcome from the product. There’s a certain way of handling hair products that all the stylists at our salon are well versed with. And they use this same methodology everyday on all our clients to get the best results while using our favorite line of L’Oreal and Kerastase hair products.

5 Tips To Apply Your Hair Product The Right Way!

Here we will be sharing some simple tips that can drastically change the way hair products work their magic on your hair. Use these tips to add volume to flat hair, tame frizzy hair or whatever your heart desires with the right hair product –

1.Take the right amount

Applying too much or too less hair product on your hair can turn them into something else! Consider the size of our hair before applying different hair products. Short hair require very little hair product compared to longer hair to get the best results.

2.Always apply on damp hair

It’s better to first towel dry your hair as much as you can before applying a product. You don’t want to blow off your hair product into thin air by applying it on wet out-of-the-shower hair and blow-drying it later, rather you want it to stay and make your hair look wonderful!

3.Apply on the roots

Focus on the roots while applying hair products to make them really get in there! Applying hair products on the top of hair strands is the most common mistake people commit while applying wax, pomades or hair gel. Don’t be one of them!


You are not finished by just applying your hair product on the roots, you need to massage it for a while as well. Doing this ensures that your hair gets completely coated with the product applied and our stylists swear on its effectiveness!

5.Start from the back

Most people tend to apply a cream or mousse or hair spray on top of the head first and then at the back, but our stylists suggest that it should be the other way around. As your hair is thickest at the back, it only makes sense to apply the desired hair product there first, working on the sides after and finally applying the remaining product on top of the head to get a clean look.

While these tips may seem to be fairly simple, keeping them in mind the next time you apply any hair product on your hair will make it work like its meant to be!