A few days ago I wrote an article on how to write a post for success, Which is one of the main stHow-to-make-money-with-your-blogeps to earn on your visits Blog. In this article, instead, I’ll give you five tips on how to earn visits to your Blog. The story is always the same: Every day millions and millions of Blog, But only 5% of that after a year, is still online and is updated. What causes this “selection”? Simple … the choices we make every blogger.

So I decided to write some advice for bloggers who have wanted to increase traffic to their blogs . I hope these tips can be useful

Comments on other blogs

Search other blogs with your own comments on their articles and issues in a constructive way: in this way not only increases the chances to earn visits to your blog, but you could create a closer relationship with other bloggers for future collaborations such as contests, conferences and barcamp

Create and manage a newsletter

Create newsletter for your blog and submit your articles by e-mail your friends readers. In this case, even if they have time to read the blog can always read email and even send your articles to their friends

Create an account dedicated to your own blog on social networks

Create an account and update your blog on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc … frienfeed It ‘important to create closer relationships with your readers and Conoco well. It is also important to share your articles about these accounts consistently

Reply to comments on your blog

If any user decides to comment on your articles you just have to thank him thanks to them that your blog continues So do not be rude and respond to their comments to create a discussion with your readers

Subscribe to blog feed aggregator

Submit your blog portals offering services feed aggregator: in this way your items will be immediately copied, in part, on other portals, and so you can increase your visits
The blog world is a fabulous world do not miss it!

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Mohit Maheshwari is the CEO and strategist of a digital marketing agency, New Media Guru. He is also an active blogger and loves to share his experience and knowledge of the web development india, web designing and web design company india.