It seems homeowners are obsessed with the idea of making money on their property. This is understandable when you consider that a property is often the biggest financial commitment any individual will every make, but it also means homeowners should be wary of making any of these catastrophic mistakes that could actually decrease the value of their home.

  1. Half-finished or badly completely DIY jobs: We’re a nation that loves a bit of DIY. Any public holiday will see homeowners throughout the country rushing out to home stores to buy the various bits they need for their latest project, but homeowners beware! Jobs that get left half done, because you run out of time, money or skill, are a huge turn-off and will have a big impact on the value of your property when it’s time to sell. They’re also often very costly to fix. Research each job thoroughly – if you don’t have the skills, or the time to complete the job to the highest possible standard, it’s better to call in a professional and ensure the job is done right first time!
  1. Avoid garish décor and overly personalised interiors: You might be a huge fan of bright purple, or leopard print, but the chances are it’s not a look that’s going to appeal to the mass market, and it could have a negative impact on your property when you want to sell up. That’s not to say you shouldn’t express yourself in your property, just ensure the décor is not over-powering and does not detract from the property’s benefits.
  1. Keep the exterior neutral: If you want to maintain the value of your property, regular maintenance of the property’s exterior is essential. It’s important also to keep the front of your property looking smart and stick to colours with wide appeal. Whilst painting the exterior of your property can freshen it up and improve its appeal, painting it in an overly bright shade can result in it looking like set for a children’s television programme.
  1. Planting trees too close to the property: Landscaped exterior space can really help with the appeal of a property, but be aware of planting trees too close to the property. Trees that are allowed to grow near a property can ultimately affect the property’s foundations, which is a very costly mistake to fix.
  1. Trying to be too ‘on trend’: Everyone wants their home to be attractive, but trying to embrace too many trends at once can lead to a property feeling like it’s suffering from an identity crisis! Try to pick one ‘look’ and let it flow through the house. A good idea is to use the same coordinating colour pallet throughout each floor of the property, with a similar style (eg. modern, classic, minimalist) running throughout the entire property.