Millions of people on the earth require the blood units, which can save their lives. The blood you donate can save anyone who is in trouble, many hospitals arranging blood supplying methods, but they are not enough because the no of requirement count is much higher than the count of donors. Normally, people are unaware of blood donations and their benefits, most of the rural have fear about blood donations than the urban people. This is happening because of no awareness spread in rural areas, people having the misconceptions in their minds about blood donations. Due to this reason, many people are not coming forward for the blood donations. There are some major misunderstandings about the blood donations.

Time Taking

Many people unknowingly have this idea in their minds. What they think is The process of blood donation can take a lot of time, but the truth of fact the entire process of blood donation only can take up to 15mins to 30min depending upon the facilities but not more than that. You can go any time, can complete the blood donation in a few minutes, and can reach back your schedule.

Disease Transfers

Another myth of blood donations among many people is when you donate the blood the medical representative’s use the old apparatus then there will be a chance of getting the infection. This total a big misguidance given to people by some foolish people, the medical departments and blood supplying departments will use the fresh new needles and blood packets for each donor to store the donate blood units. This packets and needles are very newly manufactured and standard ones.

Donating One Time is Enough

The blood units required is higher in count than donations occurring. If you donate the blood once, it is a good job and appreciable, but you can give more no of times. The body itself can generate the donated blood from your body in a certain time. After that, you can again the blood units; usually the time gap between the donations will be 3 months. So, you can take a gap of 3 months between donations and can donate multiple times.

Sharp Needle

Some other people have fear of the big needle; they think it causes a severe pain, which can lose after days. However, in fact the medical representatives are very well experienced candidates in injecting the needle into your skin. They inject the needle into your skin very smoothly so it causes a little sharp pain for 5 seconds later you will feel normal. The pain will not stay for longer hours.

You Can Donate More Blood at Once

Some people feel emotionally while making the donation and feels that they want to do the more blood donation. Seriously, this will not going to work, the doctors only take the required amount of units from your body, even if you are ready donating more blood they will not gonna take. This is because if you lose much blood at once from your body, it can cause some serious troubles. It can affect the daily physical activities and your mental stability, that is why doctors won’t let you donate more than a unit of blood at once.