Millions of people are using the internet today and this is the reason why companies are creating their own websites to promote their business. In order to be effective, these websites must have some elements that will make them attractive and more appealing.

If I am going to open a new business, I need to do everything I can to let people know about the services and products that I am offering.  True, I can hire sales agents to convince people to buy my products or services. However, this is method is very time consuming and will cost me a lot of human resources.  The easiest way of promoting my business is by creating my own website. With an effective website, my business can get a lot of exposure in just a short period of time.

Things That a Website Should Have


  1. Videos: One thing that I should put in mind when I am creating my own website is that it should have a good search engine ranking. If the ranking is very low, my website will also have a very small chance of appearing on the search engine web page.  To improve the rankings of my website, one thing I can do is to put videos on it.  Google tends to look for sites with videos since YouTube is one of the most popular websites today.


If I am going to put a video on my website, I should always bear in mind the length of it. The duration of the videos that I should include in my site should be less than one minute. For as long as I know long videos can cause boredom to viewers. If the visitors are bored, it is more likely that they will leave the site.


  1. Content: Of course one of the most important parts of my website is its content.  The content of my website will give potential clients information about the products I am offering or the services I am selling.  I must create a content that will present this information in a very appealing and persuasive manner. I should also make sure that the information is accurate because if I don’t my reputation will suffer.


  1. Contact Information: If I want clients to buy my products, I should provide accurate contact information to them. True I can put in my website all the necessary information about the products I sell but most customers always want to verify things by making a direct call to me.


This is the reason why I should never forget to put my contact info on my site.  The contact information will further prove the legitimacy and credibility of my site. Moreover, if I don’t include contact information on my website, people might think that I am just a scammer.

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