Today, the rooftop skywalk apartment is a buzz all around. Earlier such apartments were only witnessed in foreign countries like Singapore, Dubai, Australia, etc. Today, things are different and of course beguiling in India. You can not only get a glance of the Skywalk apartments, but also get to book a flat there. Who could have ever thought of such apartments in India, especially Kolkata followed by unparalleled facilities and services? Certainly, luxury and comfortable living have occupied a huge space with the launch of the Skywalk apartments.

If you look around, you will find a number of residential complexes developed by different builders. Be it Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur or any other developing city in India, there is a plethora of residential flats coupled with top-notch amenities. Among these, some of the projects are extraordinary for their amazing architecture and features. Developers call such residential projects the signature residential complexes. These apartments are not just unique in their features, but bigger in size as well.

Buyers call the rooftop Skywalk a new ‘slice of heaven’. Truly, apartment living in India, especially Kolkata has become distinctive. Like Singapore, Australia or Dubai, India is gradually becoming popular with the growing Skywalk apartments. This is slowly becoming a trend all across the country. In fact, builders say that roofs are the valuable spaces of apartments and must be utilised with unique thoughts.

No wonder, the rooftop Skywalk feature improves the artistic appeal of the buildings. In fact, the rooftop greenery not only keeps the buildings/apartments cooler, but also helps with insulation during the cold season. This reduces carbon dioxide release and improves air quality. If you are in Kolkata, you will find the world’s longest rooftop Skywalk apartment constructed by one of the famous developers and designed by one of the reputable architect groups in India. This architect group has created marvellous landmarks in the City of Joy for a long time. Some of its best creations in Kolkata are Forum, Technopolis, Infinity and Siddha Galaxia. The group has carved out functional and futuristic buildings or apartments, which are worth admiring.

Excluding the architectural speciality, the rooftop Skywalk apartments offer an array of services and facilities to all their residents. Some of them are AC community hall, health club, swimming pool, medical centre, indoor games room, etc. The builders also ensure power back-up generator, 24 hours water supply, well-maintained sewage system, elevator and so on. You will also find provisions for fruits and vegetables in counter and pharmacy in such apartments.

The high-designed finishing, excellent interiors, porcelain fittings, superior quality electrical fittings are sure to drive you crazy. The strategic location with well-connected transport facilities and the breathtaking view of the city and its fringes makes the Skywalk apartments stand out from the crowd. The best part of the world’s longest rooftop Skywalk apartment in Kolkata is its Skywalk connectivity with the eight towers via the roof. No wonder, this particular feature is special of all and living in such apartment will be a pleasure for every individual.