Being a freelancer takes a big love of freedom and independence, but also takes great courage. Unfortunately, it can also build up your anxiety or get you to a dead end. There are things you can start doing right now to have a stronger game in the industry.

Ways To Become A More Successful Self-Employed Professional

  1. Treat it Like a Real Job

You may not feel that way about it and the people around you may also treat it differently than a “proper job”, but you have to discipline yourself. Reserve a time that’s strictly for work. Don’t postpone it until you’ve done with everything else: hobbies, meetings, sports, errands etc. Make the most of your productive times and be as professional as you can get.

  1. Be Proud and Start Networking

To whomever you meet, speak with pride about what you do. People are quite fascinated with those who refuse to get employed traditionally and become their own boss. Talk about your job and skills to those that you meet and you may easily find new clients. Networking is essential when you are on your own.

  1. Know Your Value

Perhaps your work is really good or special in some way. Let this be known. Firstly, set a price for it. Of course, that has to be within the industry’s limits. However, don’t go cheaper just because you want to snatch clients from other professionals.

  1. Go for Extra Stability

It’s tough, we know it. You have times when you feel you’re running out of new tasks and that you’re just not finding any new clients. The reality of a fluctuating income is enough to make one extremely anxious. To fight this, you have a precious alternative to standard employment agencies. Look for an Umbrella company which actually works with more agencies. That will help you streamline your work and never be left out. Your income will be maximized and you can even get paid holidays.

  1. Set Clear Boundaries

The people you come in contact with won’t always respect your work. Be clear about the payment you request and don’t lower the standards just because your clients want so. Also, be clear about the time you spend working. Friends and family should not be allowed to interfere as they please. This totally ruins one’s productivity.

  1. Team up

Many freelancers chose to team up because they can accomplish more. This way, they attract clients who have more work to be done in a shorter time. When you choose your collaborators, make sure they have the same work ethics as you do.

  1. Strengthen Your Portfolio

You may not be getting the kind of tasks that you like. Then, in your free time you’d better focus on that which you want to prove you can do. If you are writing regular articles on a daily basis, you can start a blog of your own where you can post more spectacular pieces.

Once you’ve decides to implement these into your freelancer life, you must be constant at it. No true professional satisfaction comes without true perseverance.