Nothing says fitness like the kind of exercise routine you’ve seen Jean-Claude Van Damme. While his movies may not have aged well outside of their perspective decade that doesn’t mean he wasn’t on to something. Vietnam might be known for a number of things but fitness isn’t often one of them. However, with the increase in fitness centric activities there are groups who seek to change this.


One of the biggest aspects to Vietnamese fitness routines is the amount of time spend throughout the day exercising. Starting at around 4am many Vietnamese get up and begin their exercise routines. You can see these people often doing their routines in the parks and other open spaces. Part of this is to begin the day right before getting ready for work or school. Additionally as the temperatures are often more comfortable in the hotter months during these times makes it easier as well as allows for longer exercise.

Vietnamese Fitness Training

Activities Over Straight Exercise

Another aspect of Vietnamese fitness is in the focus on activities over general exercise. In the United States for example, many people exercise purely for the exercise alone. While there are a number of people who do various activities that can and often are linked to fitness and being healthy they generally are not linked together. Activities like basketball or tennis for instance are separated from gym exercise despite them being a fun and healthy exercise all on their own. For the Vietnamese these two are not mutually exclusive. Participating in these physical activities are part of it not entirely their weekly exercise routine.


The food you eat plays as much a part of the <a href=””>fitness plan</a> as the exercise one does. The Vietnamese know this well as their typical diet is often more fruit and vegetables than a typical American diet. However, unlike diets in the United States the Vietnamese do not make a big show of what and why they eat what they eat.

Feel the Burn

The biggest difference between Vietnamese fitness training and American fitness training is how the two cultures approach them. For American’s it is often out of pride or social acceptability that most people work out. They wear their fitness like a badge of honor and too often use it as an excuse to feel or show superiority over others. For the Vietnamese it is the complete opposite. It is just part of their daily life. They exercise because they want to exercise not because they need to prove anything.