A kitchen is your main workstation, where all the tasty and creative dishes being made. Therefore, to work flawlessly you need a flawless worktop. In Manila, you can find numerous suppliers that offer different worktops. We offer all the natural, man-made, laminated and timber worktops. Understanding your ideas and wishes, we provide the best kitchen worktops, to give it a professional look. Depending on kitchen style and the feel and look you want, we help you to discover the perfect material that will suit your taste, lifestyle and budget. With diverse materials, designs and finishes available at our service, we help you to decide to choose the right unit that will look aesthetically stunning.

A Wide Range of Worktops

There are different kitchen worktops in Manila available. You can choose the right one for your kitchen, according to your need and lifestyle. Some popular worktops are:

  • Granite Worktops: These worktops can be used at any surface of the kitchen. This luxury material never goes out of fashion. It suits both modern and traditional styles. It requires sealing as it is porous and can catch stains quickly. A sealed granite worktop requires low maintenance and can be cleaned with mild detergent or damp cloth. Being a natural material, it offers high durability.
  • Quartz Worktops: It looks very beautiful and practical, and can be used anywhere in the kitchen. It can be available in dramatic colours like dark grey and pink or blue. It doesn’t require much maintenance, and no sealing required. It is tough and durable.
  • Corian Worktops: These worktops are available in different colours, from bright hues to pale shades. It goes best in wet parts. It makes the sink area seamless. It doesn’t require much maintenance and can be cleaned with mild detergent and the soft cloth. It doesn’t require sealing as well. Its speciality is its resistance features. Besides being water and stain resistant, it also has 250°C heat-resistant.
  • Wood Worktops: These worktops suit every kitchen style. If you are looking for the contemporary theme, you can use wood worktops with some stainless steel and glass surfaces, as it will add warm feel. However, these worktops require extreme maintenance. You need to clean up spills instantly to avoid staining. It requires pre-sealing using oil, and need sealing every month. It can be last long if maintained properly.
  • Laminate Worktops: These worktops can mimic other types of worktops, including slate, granite and wood, and it suits both traditional and modern schemes. It requires very less maintenance, as it is chemical and stain resistant, and can be cleaned with water or mild detergent. It doesn’t require any sealing.

Practicalities to know

Before going for a worktop, you need to think about the practicalities, such as its durability, maintenance. For cooking, you should go for a heat-resistant surface, like granite or quartz. When hygiene is the concern, look for an anti-bacterial material, like stainless steel or Corian. However, steel can be scratched, but for a pristine surface, Corian can be the right choice.
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