Saving energy at home is truly an important topic that is becoming ever more popular as people begin to understand the importance of sustainability and preserving the environment. Innovation and technology both provide us with advanced means of green energy production, but sometimes it is us who need to improve with nothing but a change of habit and mindset.

Green technology, such as energy-efficient appliances and solar panels for example, is certainly one thing that can have great positive impact on your energy consumption. These means, however, require solid investment, which you may not always be able to make. The alternative is to consider each of the following tips, all of which can contribute to energy saving at home:

Turn off your appliances and electronics – the number of such devices can easily exceed 70. What you need to consider is that some of these devices drain a good amount of energy even when they are turned off. Unlike the cleaner you use for carpet cleaning, your oven and various players have displays that show the time or other information, even if you are not using the device. It is a known fact that it can amount to up to 10% of your electricity bill each month. If you think about it, this is no small figure for something that you are simply not using. Keep this in mind when you go on a long vacation and leave your home for long periods of time. Simply turn off your energy vampires, as they are nicknamed, or consider using a power strip that can automatically turn them off when not in use.

Save from lighting – try to develop the habit of turning off the lights in your home as you exit a room. There is no point in keeping those on, if you know that the next time you go in there will be after several hours. It could be that you go in your closet to take out some home cleaning gear and you simply forget to turn off the lights after you leave. Lighting amounts to 10-15% of your electricity bill and you can definitely reduce this number if you simply turn off lights that are not in use. Definitely consider energy saving light bulbs, which are efficient and last more.

Heat and cool your home smart – when it comes to heating and cooling your home, it is not all about insulation, although it plays a key role. There are some useful hacks you can use for greater efficiency. During the winter, you can use heavy curtains and draft stoppers to prevent cool air from circulating inside the room. These features will require more home cleaning, but they can prevent some heat loss. In the hot months of the year, you can simply open the windows at night when the air is cool and allow circulation.

Save from water heating – make it a habit of taking less long showers and instead limiting your time in the bathroom to 5 minutes. Children sometimes like to spend a lot of time playing in the bathtub for example, so this is something that you can change as well. Try to reduce the water used for cleaning too, as some tasks do not require as much as you think.

As you see, saving energy at home is sometimes a mere question of change of habit. Think about how you can implement these ideas and start saving today.