How You Can Plan The Best Company Activity This Season

Motivate, Inspire, and have some fun with some great summer team building ideas this season. Not sure where to start, here’s some activities to try.

Learn Something New

Up for a challenge? How about booking a master class, workshop, or activity day where the focus is all about learning something new, or improving your skills. The best thing about all of these suggestions, is that anyone can join in, whatever your ability level, you just need to decide which activity would best suit your group.

You could go for arts and crafts and book a pottery painting session, or pick a stunning location for a landscape painting class. You could also try out baking, cooking or cocktail making classes.

Why not look at what is going on in your local area, or nearest venues/cities, and see what you can come up with. It could be anything from calligraphy workshops, to patisserie, perhaps you could even arrange to create some street art for everyone to enjoy.

Today’s Team Building

Indoor, outdoor, after dark, active, creative, or touristy – team building experts can provide you with lots of choice, and if you want it, originality. Summer team building days have come a long way, and often challenge people’s perceptions.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Warm, sunny, humid, blue skies, fresh breezes, most summer weather, of the good kind anyway, brings with it a wish to get outside, so why should you be left out? Your team building could involve a cross company/department picnic and sports afternoon, a boat cruise with entertainment and a meal, or if the focus is leaning more towards work, why not organise a walking meeting and promote exercise, idea generation and team bonding.

Take On A Community Project

Does your company get involved in fundraising activities, and support good causes in the community? Maybe it’s time to take things further than a charity run entry or bake sale, and organise some summer volunteering activities? Join your team together to support a cause you all care about – perhaps you could prepare and plant a community garden, take on some painting and general maintenance at a community hall, or volunteer to help at a summer fete.

Team Challenges/Events

We’re not sure where the concept was invented, but Escape Rooms were just made for team building. The whole experience revolves around team work and making the most of every member’s skills. Why not see if there is an escape style challenge near you, and get a group together to conquer the challenges, and emerge as winners.

With the challenge concept in mind, many companies go to corporate event companies with the brief to organise a treasure hunt adventure, crystal maze experience, or a legendary It’s A Knockout event.

Your away day could play safe, and that’s okay because even popular activities have their own special twist, but you shouldn’t be afraid to go with an obscure brief either, event organisers can make all kinds of company events happen.

Will you plan a surprise, go to your staff for ideas, or pick and mix from standard yet exciting programmes? Whichever summer team event you go for, it’s sure to make the season a much more interes

Sam Johnson is the editor of the Essex Business Hub, which is the newest business support network in Essex.