The first thing that crosses our mind when we speak of a symbol of love is a rose. Roses are the most special flowers in the world. They are beautiful, smell sweet and convey the deepest emotion one has. From ancient times, even till today, roses are considered the best gift that you can give to express your love and care. Roses come in many colours, red, and yellow, white, pink and each colour symbolises an emotion.

Below is a list of all the colours of roses and what they signify –

Red Rose :

redRed roses are a symbol of love and passion. If you love someone passionately, then order a bunch of red roses to gift them from flower delivery in Jaipur. It is the most classic and simple way of telling someone that you love them. Red roses are linked with beauty and perfection. Red roses make the best gift on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and for proposing love.

White Rose :

whiteA white rose is the traditional flower used during weddings. White represents purity and new beginnings, so no wonder they grace the entire wedding hall. The spotless beauty is also a symbol of remembrance. If you want to remember an occasion, you can just present your loved one with white flowers.

Pink Rose :

pinkThese bright and lively flowers are a symbol of grace and poise. Pink roses are versatile in use and can be given to family, friends and co-workers during any occasion. If you admire someone or appreciate someone’s work, then you can just give them a bunch of pink flowers.

Orange Rose :

orengeOrange roses are the symbol of enthusiasm and passion. Hence, they are the best flowers to give during official occasions. Orange flowers are also considered energetic. If you are visiting someone in the hospital, you can carry a bunch of orange flowers for them.

Yellow Rose :

yellowYellow is the symbol of friendship. If you want to start a friendship with someone, just gift those yellow flowers. The warm and sunny feeling that the roses emit is such a cosy feeling. A bunch of yellow roses can lighten up any dull day.

Blue Rose :

blueIt is a very rare coloured rose. Blue roses symbolise the unattainable or the impossible. They are just mind blowing and can sweep anyone off their feet.

Roses are the most gifted and also the most loved flowers in the world. They have been used from as long as 5000 years. Rose was a symbol of rebirth and renewal in the ancient times. It was also considered a favourite flower of Greek god of love, Aphrodite. Life, love and passion, these are the things that a rose represents no matter what colour. No bouquet looks complete without a rose in it. If you love someone, you can give them a bouquet of roses to express your pure feelings. You can now send flowers to Jaipur or any other city by just ordering online and the flowers will the doorstep of your special one’s home.