RedTacton gives a completely new meaning to the word networking. It is an entirely new personal area network technology that enables reliable Human Area Network (HAN). Such a technology can be categorized under short range wireless communication like Zigbee, Bluetooth, and other near-field communications.

What is RedTacton?

RedTacton is a new technology that fills the last networking gap, forming the HAN, bonding the last meter. This facilitates a high speed and reliable network transmission by using the human body surface as the transmission path.

The word Red in its name indicates cordial and warm communication and Tacton is used since the technology involves action and touch. Now let’s move our focus to how this fantastic technology works.

How Does RedTacton Work?

RedTacton can realize duplex communication over the surface of human body by using a supersensitive photonic electric field sensor at a peak speed of 10 Mbps.

Put in simple words, here’s how it works –

  • A weak electric field is induced by the RedTacton transmitter on the body surface.
  • The alterations in the weak electric field on the body surface that are caused by transmitter are sensed by the receiver.
  • This technology works on the theory that an electro-optic crystal’s optical properties can change as per the changes of a weak electric field.
  • A laser is used by RedTacton to sense the changes in the electro-optical crystal’s optical properties, the result of which is then converted to an electric signal in an optical receiver circuit.
  • When a RedTacton device is used, the body becomes an Ethernet cable- so the human body can use its electric field for connecting devices to internet or networks. For instance, if an individual wearing this device sits at a RedTacton table that is connected to internet, the laptop can instantaneously get connected to internet. This may seem to be a wireless connection, but in reality it is not, since the person acts as a physical connection.



There many ample advantages of using this technology and the most prominent ones are listed below:

  • Data transfer is easier and faster
  • Loss of data during transmission is less
  • Uses minimum amount of power (in the range of minivolts)
  • Enhanced security

Although this technology has several advantages, it comes with a small drawback, and it’s the sheer fact that it can be used only within few centimeters. While this makes things quite tricky, RedTaction still makes a far superior bet than Infraread communication, which requires direct point of contact.

RedTactionvs Other Wireless Communication Forms

RedTacton vies with other wireless communications forms like Zigbee, IrDA (Infrared Data Association), and Bluetooth. RedTacton is different from the other technologies in that it uses the electrical field of the body for transmission, while the other communication forms use light or radio frequency for the purpose. RedTacton also works faster than the competing technologies. Moreover, since RedTacton needs touch and comes with a low potential for interference, it is much secure than the other contenders.

The invention of RedTacton technology is in itself ground-breaking, which will probably be aimed for use in applications like wearable medical devices, wireless headphones, point-of-sale interactions, and security applications. We can expect this technology to develop even further, bringing in more advancement with it.

For now RedTaction may sound nothing less than one of those special gigs in Matrix, or Mission Impossible, but don’t worry; you’ll get to see this technology in action soon enough!

Shane Kaiseris a technology enthusiast who has authored hundreds of technology tutorials, and even written several e-books on networking concepts. He is an avid gamer, and is extremely fond of the latest gadgets too. He has been guest posting on some of the popular tech blogs.