While we can’t honestly state that pearls make the world go round, we certainly guarantee that they make hearts jump. Believe us, a set of pearls is enough to make a girl fall in love with you and want to be your wife. All jokes aside, pearls truly are astonishing beauties and are fascinating from various points of view. Did you know that pearls are the only living gems out of all gemstones? Or that pearls come in more colors than you would have dreamed of? How about the fact that Cleopatra used a pearl to win a bet over Marc Anthony in Ancient times? The list of fun facts about pearls can go on forever, but we want to take a more practical approach for this article. If you are here, you are probably interested in purchasing pearl jewelry and want to know the pros and cons of buying and owning them. While the pros clearly outnumber the cons when it comes to pearls, there are still a few aspects that you should keep in mind when looking to buy them. Please take note that the cons are not precisely disadvantages, but rather caution points to consider and be aware of. Check out the entire list of pros and cons of pearl jewelry below!

Pearl Jewelry: Pros and Cons

PRO: Absolute Refinement

Seriously, what can define elegance better than an authentic piece of pearl jewelry? A favorite gem of royalty and nobility alike, pearls will remain a fashion staple and refinement icon for many, many years to come.

CON: Pearl Care

It doesn’t take rocket science knowledge to take care of pearls, but you should still be very careful so you do not damage them. Do a bit of research on cleaning and taking care of your pearls and get the job done right.

PRO: Variety

Freshwater, Japanese Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea… there are so many pearls to choose from that it almost becomes an overwhelming decision. Let’s not even begin to talk about their various colors, sizes, styles…

CON: Imitation Risks

Watch out for pearl imitations! Always make sure that you purchase pearls from a trusted, reliable and certified source and make sure that you are getting the real deal. A big price tag doesn’t guarantee authenticity.

PRO: Adaptability

The great thing about pearls is that you can wear them with the most spectacular evening gown in the world one night, and the next day with a smart business suit or a summer dress.

CON: Expensiveness (Sometimes)

Yep, some pearls can cost hundreds of thousands, but you don’t need to worry; many freshwater pearl pieces can be bought for under $100 from online shops.

PRO: Investment

If you want to mix business with pleasure, you really can make an investment in pearls. Whether looking into a future family heirloom or wanting to offer the most stunning gift imaginable, you can always go with pearls.

PRO: Suitable for All Ages

From babies with tiny wrists, to chic girls, classy young ladies, sharp women or the prestigious elderly, pearls are suitable for everyone!