A pallet collection would be considered pretty useless for most people. They would assume what is the point in saving up all of these layers of woods from different kinds of cabinets, wardrobe, etc. And this is where the term recycling is put to good use. Basically, you really don’t need to dispose of these pallets as long as you have the needed space to keep them in the shade. A rule of thumb for these pallets is that you should try to keep them dry because the more wet and prone to humidity they are, the more likely they are to be rotting and not be reusable again. So make sure that they are worth using because your hard work will just go down the drain otherwise.

Pallet Collection
Pallet Collection

Here are some innovative uses of your pallet collection

Book Shelf

One of the best modes of using an old set of pallets would be to create a book shelf. You don’t have to be an ace for this and there are a lot of ways to go about it. For instance, you can create something that is layered or put together in an asymmetrical way on the wall. This creates a nice furniture piece that adds aesthetic value to your home and it is also more functional because you can arrange your books by type here. If you don’t want to hang them or put them on the wall, you can even make together a small stack or box kind of structure using the pallet collection and give it a simple finish or polish.

Keeping flowers

These pallets come in handy when it comes to your gardening needs. One doesn’t really want to spend too much in the garden or create an exclusive set of wood containers by purchasing them. But if you have a collection of old pallets then you can easily make use of this by putting them together and creating a little flower garden of your own. You can arrange these pallets in the shape of a circle or even a square. The bigger plants can be kept inside and the smaller ones on the outside. You can also make little containers out of this pallet collection, especially for the ones that are already rotten or seem to have gone bad from the middle. Just scrape out the part that you don’t require and fill it up with soil to grow your little plants. Once done, hang them using chains or strings or you can also set them alongside the porch.

Wooden Trays

If you have a good quality of pallets left that are recent or have been kept carefully over the years, then you can make rustic wooden trays out of them. This is actually a very viable solution for people who have outdoor dining areas and live in the suburbs. There is really not much that you have to bother with here except ensuring that you are polishing them off the right and scraping it correctly. Clean it well to ensure that there are no bacteria or fungus there. Once done, you can use the pallet collection of different shapes and use them as trays. The best part is that you will create a rather rustic looking set of trays to serve fresh food and that for free.

You can work out many different and innovative ways for using your pallets. It is just that you have to make sure that you clean them up the right way before putting them to use, especially for internal or food purposes.