It is always a big issue with the gamers, whether or not to go for buying the latest version of the R4 cards? Well, where the technology is concerned, the latest version of R4 card, that is the R4 3DS cards seem to be a tough thing to deal with if you do not belong to the technical field. Therefore, investing on buying these cards can be a hard matter for you, because lots of questions haunt you day and night. Well, to ensure whether you are investing upon something good or not, you can definitely look up here to get some vital answers related to the cards.

R4 card

Can an R4 3DS Card Play 3DS Roms?

The answer is definitely a “no”. You must keep it in mind that the cards are compatible with Nintendo 3DS and can be used to play DSi/DS ROMs, DOS games like Quake and Doom, Homebrew games, older emulated games, adventurous PC games and some other console games. However, playing 3DS games by using these cards is not possible till now. Possibility is there that within this year, it will be possible to decode 3D games by using this card.

Can an R4 3DS Card play GBA Games?

The answer is certainly a “yes”. With the help of EZ-Flash you can play GBA games on DS/DSi. However, the disappointment is still there in terms of 3DS.

Suppose you have an R43DS card and want to play Game Boy Advance games by using it, you can do it on the older DSi or DS systems. However, you need to buy an extension pack that helps you plug in the games and play these handhelds properly. Once the custom firmware is released or the console gets fully unlocked, playing the GBA games on 3DS will be possible.

What are the alternatives to R4 3DS Cards?

There can some alternatives of this card, like

SuperCard DS two

Acekard 2i and AK3

EZ-Flash Vi 3DS

Cyclo 3DS iEvolution

What are the different Types of R4 3DS Cards?

These cards can be of many types, like

R4idsn 3D cards

Red R4 3DS cards

R4i 3DS cards

R4i Gold plus

R4 crown 3DS

Well, with the above mentioned information, you can move on to bagging a great deal on R4 3DS cards. Keep it in mind always that the better you know the greater your moves turn in making your life more convenient. So, always stay updated with the latest.