Google’s Pixel series is the smartphone series, which are actually the medium display Android smartphones, and now the biggest of the smartphone (in terms of performance), is going to arrive in the market. Yes, we are talking about the most awaiting flagship the Google Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 2

Pixel 2 would not be only good at the specifications like RAM, processor and display. But also, the camera is also a big concern of any high-end smartphone and we expect Google will fulfill the Google Pixel 2. In the recent past, Google has done right in the camera with the Pixel. Everyday speed camera (both launch and photo opportunity) is probably what most affects my satisfaction with the camera. It is one of the reasons why I stopped using the Lumia 1020 and why I always tend to use the iPhone. The Pixel meets to spare in this category, liking more than the iPhone thanks mainly to double click the home button to activate the camera. And same button would be assign in the Google Pixel 2 as well.

There are many aspects that determine the quality of the camera of a smartphone and none of them is really more important than another. All the elements do their part to create the final image and give more importance to one in particular is a serious mistake. The megapixel only tell us how great a photo size. The size of these pixels and the lens aperture tell us how much light is able to capture the sensor. There are also other factors such as focal length and image processing chip, which is in charge of scanning the image and give the final look. This all would be too technical, but we can say the Google Pixel 2 would have high-level of all of these.

The Google Pixel part of a pretty good base, a 16-megapixel sensor that can be Sony (IMX240) or self-produced (Google ISOCELL), the reality is that 16 megapixel go far as we can see in the picture of gorilla, it allows us to cut a picture of a distant object (about 50 meters) and maintain sufficient quality as not to be noticeable cuts in Most services where we often share photos. Outdoors in broad daylight, Google Pixel 2 camera will probably be the best of times in terms of sheer image quality. Usually hit with the white balance and the overall exposure of the scene and as I said before, Auto HDR mode helps with the dynamic range, which already is pretty good base of Pixel camera specs, but what would happen if this range would be doubled in the Google Pixel 2, of course we will have better camera.