Travel insurance is essential: there’s no denying it. Anything can happen on holiday, and it very often does – from losing your luggage to breaking an arm or having possessions stolen, it’s important to stay covered when you travel, wherever you go. But with the advent of price-comparison sites and more insurance firms in the market than ever before, its important to think carefully before you take out a policy.

What’s the Trip?

Travel insurance isn’t all the same. When you need European travel insurance for a family trip to Magaluf or a couples’ skiing trip to the Alps, these may be completely different types of cover. And then there are multi-trip options for those who holiday frequently and back-packing policies or budget cover. The best travel insurance partner is one that can cater for you, whatever kind of trip you are going on.

Price-Comparison Sites

In theory, a price-comparison site gets you the best price for travel cover. However, with companies in fierce competition with one another, it can make for much less comprehensive insurance than you need. With cover for annual multi-trip insurance coming down on price-comparison sites to little more than you would pay for a round at the pub, there must be a catch. The hidden cost of these deals includes huge excesses and a policy that doesn’t even cover the basics. It’s always worth contacting a travel insurance company directly to get the best quote tailored for you.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Travel Insurance Partner


What you want from a travel insurance partner is flexibility. A company that can tailor their product to your needs is the best you can hope for. We’re all different, and we all have different priorities when it comes to what we want covered. Some people want cover for themselves, while others want to cover their whole family – even members who are at university. Whether you need European travel insurance, worldwide cover or even just domestic cover, the best provider will cater for you as an individual.

Easy to Deal With

Looking for a company that’s easy to deal with is important for anyone with a busy life. Can you do it online or speak to someone easily over the phone or by email? Will you be able to speak to a human being rather than a machine, and can you speak to someone or at least send an inquiry outside of office hours?

Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Travel Insurance Partner


With so many newcomers to the market in terms of travel insurance companies, one thing you want to look out for is reputation. An established insurance provider will have far better knowledge of the industry and also has a reputation to uphold. Check out reviews, and also seek out recommendations from friends or others online.

As you can see, getting travel insurance right is imperative. It involves looking for a company that’s flexible, can tailor its services and has a great reputation. Once you’ve got the best cover you can find for your needs, it’s time to start those holidays with complete peace of mind.