The DMIT software is utilized to bring out the innate capabilities and the potential out of a person. The software is based on brain lobes and the patterns of your fingerprints. The software is particularly useful in bringing out hidden talents and grow your overall personality.

DMIT Test Software

  • The DMIT Test Software is otherwise, called by the name of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test. The best part of this test is that age is never a bar, for taking this test. Dermatoglyphics is an ancient Greek word. The meaning of the word is the scientific study of fingerprints. (It is derived from Derma which means skin and glyph meaning carving). It has a background of two hundred years of research.

  • The field of Dermatoglyphics is based on the dermal ridges patterns present on the skin of the sole, feet, toes and fingers of human beings. It establishes the congenital link between the qualities and talents and our finger patterns. Dermatoglyphics has found application in a variety of areas in the US, Taiwan and Japan, in areas of education, human resource management, Down’s Syndrome, congenital disorders and employee recruitment services.

Why Do We Need DMIT Test for our Children?

We need DMIT software, for our children because, there are exam related stress situations that turns into killer environments, for these children. The parental pressures are other causes of such destructive attitude adopted by the students. The DMIT Test software provides crucial inputs and may guide the students, with counseling sessions. These children may develop lot many negative characteristics such as aggressiveness and insensitivity to others. They often act against the superior authorities and are often quite impulsive in their decision making. The DMIT Test software aims to set, all this right.

What are the effects of DMIT Test?

The DMIT test software will bring about changes in the character and the behavior-based traits. The child must always be objective oriented and has a positive outlook and must take a proactive initiative. The child must thrive on competition and live a controlled life. The child leads a positive and active life, with a clear objective. Focus and meticulousness in work are some more behavioral traits, possessed by the child. So, understanding the inherent qualities with the DMIT software, enables to better manage the child’s emotions, increase concentrations as well as interpersonal skills and move him towards a higher career development path.